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Has Durant Locked Up MVP?


The 2013-2014 NBA season has been a wild one. It has been no wilder for anyone than Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant has averaged 32.2 PPG this season, 5 above his career average. He has been averaging a ridiculous 35.3 in March, the highest PPG of any player this month. To go along with that, Durant is averaging 32.8 PPG in wins. The most impressive statistic? He is still averaging over 30 PPG in losses.


His all around contribution is similar to LeBron James’ MVP performance last season, with 7.3 RPG and 5.3 APG, not to mention 3 triple doubles on the year, good for 2nd in the league. Durant has shown the ability to take over games and lead his team to victory without his star accomplice, Russell Westbrook, who went down with a knee injury earlier in the year. Now with Westbrook back and the great play of backup Reggie Jackson and Swat-team leader Serge Ibaka along with the nice addition of Caron Butler, Durant has the Thunder thinking no less than Finals champions. This goal is very achievable but nowhere near certain for Kevin. One goal that is certain in my mind for Durant though, is the Most Valuable Player award. No player in the league has shown the characteristics of an MVP more than Durant this year. While LeBron James, Joakim Noah, and James Harden all deserve to be recognized as being in contention for the award, the clear favorite and best choice’s name is Kevin Durant.


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