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Myles Turner, The Next College Star… But Where Will He Go?

Myles Turner, who is he? This the question many people may be asking now, but by next season he will be one of the best college basketball players in the nation. This high school senior out of Bedford, Texas is the #2 recruit in the nation. At 7 feet, 223 pounds, Turner practically averages a triple double in points, rebounds, and blocks. This high school phenomenon should help any team make a run at the championship next season; the only question now is who will he play for? Here are some potential landing spots for this star recruit.

Kansas Jayhawks

If you look at recent years then you will see a pattern in Kansas’ roster; each team has an elite shot blocker. This past year it was star freshman, Joel Embiid, the years before it was Jeff Withey. Will Turner be the next defensive presence for the Jayhawks? It all depends on one big decision. Joel Embiid, who is a projected top 5 for this upcoming NBA Draft, has been talking this season as if he was not going to leave Kansas. If he does indeed stay then I think that there is no possible way that Kansas can reel in Turner. If he leaves on the other hand I think that Kansas would be the ideal destination for Turner. The Jayhawks already have recruited the #3 and 11 players in the nation, Cliff Alexander and Kelly Oubre. Either way with Turner or Embiid, the Jayhawks will be one of the teams to beat for next season.

Ohio State Buckeyes

The Buckeyes struggled this season after being ranked as high as 3 in the polls. A large part of this inconsistency was a lack of 1) a go to scorer and 2) a dominant low post presence. They have already fixed the first of those issues by bringing in 5-star recruit, DeAngelo Russell. Russell and his dad actually keep in contact with Turner and his dad, this chemistry could be one of the deciding factors to bring in the big man. He would fit well in the Buckeyes scheme and would give them a serious chance to contend for the national title. In addition to the current 5th ranked recruiting class, coach Thad Matta has also brought in Anthony Lee, a double-double threat from Temple. If Turner came in then the Bucks would have a tremendous blend of experience and young talent and could be a real pain in the butt for other teams.

Southern Methodist Mustangs

SMU??? That is probably what you are thinking at this moment, but in reality it is far from out of the question. The Mustangs have already recruited a top 5 player this year, Emmanuel Mudiay, a point guard from Dallas, Texas. SMU is a team that is on the rise and controversially missed the tournament this past year. Turner would be staying close to home as well, which is a big factor for many recruits. Larry Brown is a very good coach and now has players wanting to play for him, if he were to nab Turner then SMU could be a top 10 team by the end of the season. Brown would have to do a lot of work though to get Turner to go to the Mustangs instead of the next team on my list.

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Texas Longhorns

This is probably the most likely landing place for Myles Turner. A great program, great facilities, good coach, close to home, what else is to ask for? This is what many are thinking, as there is some speculation that Turner may be choosing solely between Kansas and Texas. This is all just speculation though because Turner hasn’t said any thing about narrowing his list down anymore over the past couple of months. Texas doesn’t need the frontcourt help Turner provides as much as some of the other schools listed above, but obviously it would help them a ton to have his talent there. In the end I think that if Embiid stays then Turner will end up committing to Texas.

Duke Blue Devils

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I don’t even have a clue who could compete with Duke next year if they landed Turner. The Blue Devils already have 4 of the top 20 recruits, including 2 in

the top 5. Also speculation is that Jabari Parker could return to play another season in which case you might as well call the season right there. Giving the best coach in the nation the best roster in the nation would just be detrimental to any team they face. Unfortunately Turner wouldn’t be a great fit at Duke, as tempting as it is. Since the top recruit in the nation (who happens to also be a center), Jahlil Okafor, has committed to Duke, either Okafor or Turner would have to play the 4 position in the starting line up. This would be a hard transition for either player, both of who are natural at the center position. Turner may not be a great fit but how fun would that team be to watch?

No matter what Turner will have success and will instantly give a team championship hopes. It will be interesting to see where he will sign this upcoming spring.



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