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Post 2014 Regular Season Re-Draft of 2013 Draft

As we get closer and closer to the 2014 NBA draft and the regular NBA season has been completed, we take a look at how re-drafting the 2013 NBA draft would have gone. In this scenario, the circumstances are based off of the fact that

1. The whole 2013 – 2014 season has been played

2. The entire draft is redone going off of the rookie years of every prospect

3. all previous draft trades are included

4. potential is still used as a factor

1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Victor Oladipo


originally drafted: no. 2

Victor Oladipo has shown some great strides of versatility and 2 way explosiveness.

He fits on the Cavs to come in and play 2-guard, replacing the often disgruntled Dion Waiters. This would give Kyrie Irving a backcourt mate to run the show with. Oladipo would sure have some great numbers paired with Irving. He fits better on the Cavs than Michael Carter-Williams.



2. Orlando Magic: Michael Carter-Williams

originally drafted: no. 11

Just missing out on the no.1 overall pick that he wants so much, MCW would probably not be too mad with this choice.

He would surely come off the bench on the Cavs behind Irving and would not be able to post his great numbers he has now. If he can post that on the dreadful, talentless 76ers, imagine what he could do with weapons like Arron Afflalo and Tobias Harris.



3. Washington Wizards: Giannis Antetokounmpo

originally drafted: no. 15

Replacing the small forward pick of Otto Porter with Giannis Antetokounmpo is the Wizard’s dream.

Giannis Antetokounmpo has shown the most potential perhaps out of any player in this draft his rookie season. His numbers of 6.8 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 1.9 APG in under 25 minutes a game are sure to increase exponentially as he gets more weapons and more minutes.

Giannis’s potential is unlimited right now, and pairing him with John Wall and Bradley Beal would make for a scary Wizards team over the next few seasons.



4. Charlotte Bobcats: Tim Hardaway Jr.

originally drafted: no. 24

The Bobcats could use some offense this playoffs and could have used it all season. Gerald Henderson is a good shooting guard, but Hardaway Jr. has a chance to be great.

His offensive arsenal has been on display all season for the lowly Knicks, and even in the rising stars challenge during All star weekend. 

Keeping Henderson in the starting lineup and pairing Hardaway with Gary Neal off the bench would be a scary duo for opposing  second units.


photo via
photo via


5. Phoenix Suns: Mason Plumlee

originally drafted: no. 22

Pairing the Plumlee brothers would be nightmarish for opposing frontcourts.

Both brothers have had great (and surprising) seasons. Pairing these 2 brothers who have played with and against each other their whole life would be a great strategy for Phoenix. Phoenix could really use another big to plug in next to Miles, and Mason would be their best bet at this draft position.

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of




6. Philadelphia 76ers: Trey Burke

originally drafted: no. 9

Losing Michael Carter-Williams would be tough, but the next best point guard to come out of the draft is Trey Burke. Burke has flashed brilliance as well as bust potential this year for the Jazz, and who knows how he would work on the 76ers.

Maybe he could take over offensively, without having the likes of players like Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors taking away his shots.



7.  Sacramento Kings: Ben McLemore

originally drafted: no.7

The Kings are still excited for what McLemore can do.

His quiet season may be lost in the history books if he can catch up to his potential next year. He did leave Kings fans something to be excited about at the end of the season, scoring 31 points vs. the Suns in the last game. 

McLemore still has major potential to be a top shooting guard in this league. The Kings realize that, and would do the 2013 draft the same way they did it a year ago.



8. Detroit Pistons: Archie Goodwin

originally drafted: no.29

Archie Goodwin did not get much run for the Suns this season, but made it count when he did. In 31 minutes on Wednesday,a career high, he posted 29 points with 4 rebounds and 2 steals. 

Goodwin would fit nicely on the Pistons, replacing the pick of the unspectacular Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Goodwin is looking like one of the better long term projects to come out of this draft.



9. Utah Jazz : C.J. McCollum

originally drafted: no.10

C.J. McCollum’s rookie season has been shortened due to injury, and it was hard to get a good feel of what kind of player he will be down the road. Utah would most likely try and turn him into a PG, which may not work.

Overall, Utah is stuck in this position with the best players and the players with the best upside at the positions they are weak at already gone.



10.  Portland Trailblazers: Nerlens Noel

originally drafted: no.6

Despite not playing at all this year, Noel still possesses a lot of upside for a team like Portland.

With the opportunity to pair Aldridge and Noel together down low, Portland would finally have a formidable frontcourt. Lopez and Thomas Robinson would make a nice bench frontcourt as well.

Noel would be more of a defensive player down low, providing Aldridge with more chances to score.



11. Philadelphia 76ers : Cody Zeller

originally drafted: no.4

Zeller has been great for the Bobcats the last 2 months of the season after a slow start.

Zeller still possesses extremely high upside, and a team like Philadelphia could use more of those kind of guys. Zeller’s offense is surprisingly rare after being titled one of the most NBA ready prospects before the draft last year. His defense can be game changing though, and that is what Philly would see in him.



12. Oklahoma City Thunder : Kelly Olynyk

originally drafted: no. 13

Olynyk has shown some great offensive capabilities this season as a Celtic. He has also shown some good rebounding abilities.

In fact, in the last three games he has lit up the box score. On April 12th vs Cleveland he scored 25 points and grabbed 12 boards. The next game vs Philadelphia, he scored 28 and snatched 9 boards. In the last game of the season, he showed his versatility with 24 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists.All these numbers came with over 30 minutes played.

If OKC decided to start Olynyk at center, then they would not only add a good offensive weapon, but also add a hustle guy that will make plays. He is much more athletic than Kendrick Perkins (who isn’t?) and more mature offensively than 2013 draft pick Steven Adams.




13. Boston Celtics:  Otto Porter

originally drafted: no.3

Porter has been buried on the Washington depth chart behind quality wings by the names of Martell Webster and Trevor Ariza.

He has been pretty disappointing in the time he did get, though. Thought to be a surefire starter and the most NBA ready prospect before last years draft, Porter’s stock has plummetted.

BUT there is still hope.

Porter could grow and develop on the rebuilding Boston squad, and could have a chance at that starting job he was once expected to fill in Washington in Boston, replacing Jeff Green eventually.



14. Minnesota Timberwolves: Gorgui Dieng

originally drafted: no.21

The Timberwolves took Dieng with the 21st pick in last years draft. He has really come out of his shell in the final month of the season, posting numbers of 11.9 points and 10.7 rebounds a game in April. Those are good numbers for a 14th pick, and great for a 21st. I would expect the Timberwolves to secure their investment by redrafting him with the 14th pick.




15. Milwaukee Bucks: Pierre Jackson

originally drafted: no. 12 (second round)

The Bucks miss out on their draft day steal of Giannis, but find another gem in ex-Baylor guard Pierre Jackson.

Jackson did not play an NBA minute this season, but still has some of the highest upside in this draft. Jackson has legitimate star potential, especially on the Bucks.

The breakout year of Brandon Knight would not be for nothing, as the Bucks could pair him at 2 guard with Jackson running the point. The Bucks may have been the worst team in 2013-2014, but that does not mean their draft day skills have fallen off at all.

photo via
photo via



16. Atlanta Hawks: Steven Adams

originally drafted: no. 27


Adams has been impressive defensively this season for the Thunder, and his defense would be greatly appreciated on a team like the Hawks. The Hawks have been razor thin at quality big men this season after the loss of Al Horford, and Adams and his defensive prowess would be great insurance behind the aging Horford.


17. Dallas Mavericks :  Ryan Kelly

originally drafted: no.18 (second round)

Call me crazy, but I think that Kelly is one of the best picks in this draft. His stretching the floor ability and rebounding is severely underrated, and has been one of the bright spots on the dreadful Lakers this year. Kelly averaged 44% on 3 pointers this season for the Lakers in wins this year. Kelly could really learn a lot from playing behind Dirk and master the stretch 4 position.


photo via
photo via



18. Cleveland Cavaliers:Rudy Gobert

originally drafted: no. 12

The Cavaliers have already made their no. 1 pick redo, and will love the results of that. Adding Gobert, a seven footer, would really deepen their ranks in the paint. While he is a huge project, Gobert could come in and provide Oladipo and Irving a to-the-rim option.



19. Chicago Bulls : Sergey Karasev

originally drafted: no. 18

Karasev would bring in 3 point shooting to a Bulls team that could have used it this past season. Besides Mike Dunleavy, the Bulls were dry from the 3 point line.

With the loss of Marco Bellinelli, Karasev would do a good job filling in. While he did not play much this season, he could still develop into a Jason Kapono type player.




20.Miami Heat: Alex Len

originally drafted: no. 5

Someone has to bank on the fact that Len will eventually be an NBA caliber 7 foot center. Someone will be patient enough to wait. Who has that kind of time? The back to back NBA champion Miami Heat. With a lot of options at center who are either old or injury prone, Len could join them promptly. Eventually Len will get good NBA minutes and it is just a matter of time as to where and when.



21.Minnesota Timberwolves: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

originally drafted: no. 8

Caldwell-Pope has been unspectacular this season, getting good minutes for the Pistons and averaging less than 6 points. He is still more useful than Shabazz Muhammed, and Caldwell-Pope would still be better in a rotational guard role.



22. Brooklyn Nets: Reggie Bullock

originally drafted: no. 25

The Nets are pretty deep at every position besides small forward. Behind Paul Pierce (who is playing power forward right now) is Alan Anderson. While Anderson is productive, Bullock would provide some good depth with some high upside off the Brooklyn bench mob. Bullock is looked at with high regards right now despite not really getting minutes in LA, and the Nets could use some cheap young talent with their cap issues.




23. Indiana Pacers: Tony Snell

originally drafted: no. 20

A poor mans version of Kawhi Leonard, Snell has been very productive for Chicago this year. Playing substantial minutes surprisingly, Snell has been pretty important for Chicago’s bench.

He could do the same thing for Indiana. Snell is a much better, brighter, younger option than Rasual Butler and has a lot more upside.



24. New York Knicks: Nate Wolters

originally drafted: no. 8 (second round)

Nate Wolters has played great for the Bucks this year, averaging a surprising 22 minutes and scoring over 7 points a game. He has been the first point guard off the bench so far this year for the Bucks, and played as well as Ramon Sessions for the Bucks role at the end of the season.

Raymond Felton has been awful this year, and Nate Wolters would have a serious chance to win some good minutes for the disappointing Knicks.



25. Los Angeles Clippers: Anthony Bennett

originally drafted: no. 1

Fact: Anthony Bennett has played awfully as a number one overall pick. Another fact: He has not been the worst player in the draft, or close to it.

Bennett would not suffer the scrutiny he has this season if he was taken in the late first round. Bennett would actually be important to the Clippers, providing some good depth at PF behind the high flying Blake Griffin and the tough big boy in Glen Davis. He would have a chance to completely rewrite his career and turn into a productive player.




26. Oklahoma City Thunder: Shane Larkin

originally drafted: no. 18

The Thunder would go for the best available player here and with Reggie Jackson becoming a free agent this summer, a point guard could be very useful. The Thunder could redraft the surprisingly productive Andre Roberson, but the addition of Caron Butler makes that useless. Larkin would come in as an emergency plan if they lose Jackson this offseason.



27. Utah Jazz: Andre Roberson

originally drafted: no. 26

Roberson would provide a good backup behind Gordon Hayward and provide long term insurance if he left. The Jazz really need more than just draft picks to pull themselves out of the hole that they have got themselves into.



28. San Antonio Spurs: Dennis Schroeder

originally drafted: no. 17

Schroeder would be the best backup point guard the Spurs have had in a long time if they didn’t have this one guy named Patty Mills. The Australian has been on fire this year, but Schroeder would provide a nice third option (better than Cory Joseph).

Gregg Popovich could really turn Schroeder into a successful player in his system. He would be a better pick than their pick last year, who still has not joined them from overseas.




29. Phoenix Suns: Shabazz Muhammed

originally drafted: no. 14

Shabazz Muhammed has not been successful in his first year, but that does not mean he deserves to fall out of the first round.

He was once the top overall prospect and supposed to go no.1 overall at the beginning of last college season. The Suns could use some depth at small forward and would probably get some good minutes.

Rick Adelman is not a fan of rookies, so Muhammed’s failure to put up big numbers may change on a team like the Suns.



30. Golden State Warriors: Jeff Withey

originally drafted: no. 9 (second round)

Jeff Withey has been great this season in a limited role. His near 1 block per game has been unexpected and he would fit well beside the other bigs in Golden State.

Jermaine O’Neal could definitely teach the big guy from Kansas a few things that would develop his offensive game, which is pretty nonexistent.

His ability to go above the rim is a nice bonus, and could come in handy for the second unit point guard Steve Blake to toss up some lobs. Withey would be a good pick here with the last of the round.



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