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Is Rudy Gay a Better Free Agent Than Carmelo Anthony This Summer?

Multiple sources have said that Rudy Gay will most likely opt out of his current contract with the Kings and will test the waters of free agency this summer. All year long all the talk has been about where Carmelo will end up but is he really the best free agent on the market?

via Fox Sports
via Fox Sports

The answer is no. Carmelo is not the best free agent this summer. Carmelo has averaged 27.4 ppg and 8.1 rpg this season while shooting 38.7%. That is quite an impressive stat line. On the other hand, Rudy Gay has had 20.0 ppg and 6.o rpg shooting 45.5% from the field. Carmelo clearly has a more impressive stat line, but the differentiating factor lies beyond numbers when distinguishing these two. Carmelo will pour in tons of points for whatever team he ends up on but he demands an incredible amount of shots every game in order to be effective. Rudy Gay won’t give you the same amount of points, but he will take less shots and doesn’t have to be your number one option. Rudy Gay also comes for a much smaller price. Carmelo will demand a max deal, but that isn’t the case for Rudy Gay. The real difference between the two is defense. Rudy Gay can guard four positions and will go out on any given night to guard the other teams best player. With Carmelo on defense, you might as well be playing with four people on the floor. He expresses laziness and lethargy on defense and it seems he uses it as a time to catch his breath.

So where should each of these stars end up this summer? I think Rudy Gay belongs in one of four places.

the first option is Chicago, he will bring back anything that was lost with Luol Deng and then some. Imagine a starting lineup of Rose, Butler, Gay, Boozer, and Noah. That is an absolutely savage team and the defense would be unbelievable.

The next team is the Houston Rockets. Houston could use his help on defense and he would be a great compliment to Harden. The third team is the Washington Wizards, who are a young developing team and would need his experience and scoring.

The final team is the Charlotte Bobcats, who had an outstanding season this year and will be looking to improve. Rudy Gay will bring some much needed experience and scoring to an up and coming team. Al Jefferson, Kemba Walker, and Rudy Gay together would be insane.

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  1. Being a knick fan I have to defend Melo.
    Rudy gay is a terrible first option, sure he’s great when he’s playing off of a scoring PG and C but in Toronto he’d jack up shots left, right and centre. He had multiple 30+ point games to start the season up north but they all came on 30+ attempts, much like Carmelo.

    But when Anthony got help at the end of the year he was highly effective (Playing off of Stoudemire and Smith).
    I’d like to point out he had a 50 point game while playing off of the ball.

    Anthony and Gay are in the same boat, they both aren’t demanding max, well at least that is what came out of Carmelo’s mouth. They both want to win and will take less than max to do so.

    But the defence as written, is a different story, when he wants to defend and commit Melo can defend problem is he never wants to.

    Also Anthony can dominate PFs as well as the SF position which is a bonus if you want to play small ball.

    Neither is good enough to be the sole reason a team wins it all, they both have to defer personal glory to be successful. I wouldn’t say Gay is better but bang for buck he most certainly is.

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