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Top 10 plays of the First Round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs

10. Klay Thompson’s stairs to heaven over Big Baby

You may be a little shocked at this dunk. Who knew Klay Thompson could elevate? The splash brother took it to the hole on big baby Glen Davis in game 3 of the LAC vs GSW series. Although the Warriors suffered a first round exit, they can still go home with a great highlight reel.

9. LeBron’s dunk on MJ

LeBron made a statement to the reigning emperor of the NBA world. As his team trampled Jordan’s Bobcats, James let it be known that he is the king. LeBron may have exaggerated the meaning of the dunk, though, as they were up by a sizable amount on the Cats.

 8. Troy Daniels series saver

This would be much higher on the list if Houston had been able to force a game 7 (see below for why they did not), but Troy Daniels still enjoyed a nice coming out party for the Rockets. In limited playing time, Daniels made it count, putting the Rockets over the Blazers for a game 4 victory.

7.  DeMar DeRozan’s left handed slam

DeMar DeRozan has long been known as a highflyer, but just this year DeRozan emerged as a star in multiple facets. His scoring and all around leadership has jumped this year. It’s unfortunate for the Raptors that they drew Brooklyn in the first round, but a valiant effort all season makes this season a success.

6. Russell Westbrook takes flight

Westbrook was the true leader for the Thunder in the first round, playing much better and much more consistent than co-star Kevin Durant. His highlights are always new and improved and sure to entertain.

5. Mike Scott’s hammer

Mike Scott… Who? Scott has had a coming out party all season. Despite inconsistency along the way, Scott can provide some great scoring and awesome highlights for his team. He provided the Hawks with a huge boost off the bench this series vs the Pacers.

4. Kevin Durant’s impossible 4 point play

Despite losing the game, KD dropped everyone’s jaw with this play. Durant and the Thunder ended up getting past the Grizzlies in seven, so this play can go down as AWESOME.

3. Paul Pierce’s series-clinching block

THE TRUTH IS IN THE BUILDING. That’s what Raptors fans had to swallow after game 7. The Nets needed this to keep them and their $180 million roster alive in this crazy postseason.

2. Vince Carter’s GW from the corner

Vinsanity is a monster. Enough said. Despite the Maverick’s loss in the first round, Carter continued his legacy. Only one play is better than this one. Find out below.

1. Damian Lillard’s Rockets Assassination

Damian. Lillard.

The coldest of cold. The clutchest of clutch. Lillard has his Blazers thinking Finals and these kinds of plays are exactly the kind that can continue their run.

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