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NFL Draft: Top 3 Defensive Players Available

1. Jadaveon Clowney – DL/Monster


Clowney is a walking (running) wrecking ball, capable of tearing apart offensive lines and devouring halfbacks. His physical attributes are unmatched by any other prospect in this draft, and Clowney has more than a few targets once he gets to the next level.

Sure to be a ball carrier’s nightmare, Clowney will make life a living hell for the offense.

Just like this in, what I like to call, the video that made Vincent Smith famous.

Clowney is a force to be reckoned with and wherever he is drafted they will be fortunate to have him. Clowney is one of those people who can and Will make the team(s) that did not draft him sorry.

Watch out, Houston Texans quarterback of the future.







2. Khalil Mack – LB


The NCAA record holder for most forced fumbled has made quite a rumble leading up to this draft point. He has been talked about as one of the biggest game-changers of the first round.

That’s a pretty big deal for a linebacker.

Mack could go anywhere from number 2 to number 1o, but not past that. His superstar potential is extremely well documented and Mack could have an effect on games similar to Luke Kuechly, a former top 10 pick.

While Mack is unlikely to go number one overall, the Texans may regret it after a few weeks into the NFL season.



3.  Ha Ha Clinton-Dix – S

Despite a ridiculous name, Clinton-Dix commands the #3 overall defensive prospect in this year’s draft. Drafts are always paper thin at good safeties.

Therefore so are NFL teams.

Clinton Dix could bring a fresh young body to the secondary of teams picking just past pick number 10.


(CAUTION: NSFW Music in this video)


Clinton-Dix is sure to be taken before #15 and for that, he will be the one “Ha Ha”ing all the way home to his newly signed contract.

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