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NFL Draft: Top 3 Quarterbacks Available

1. Johnny Manziel

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Call me crazy, but I think Johnny Manziel has what it takes to be successful in this league. No matter where he ends up, whether it be in Houston, Dallas, Cleveland or Hawaii, Manziel will shine. He brings intangibles to the game like no other QB prospects. His mobility and strong arm allow him to work a defense like a rim and slam dunk on it.

While his physical tools are not like first round quarterback picks of the past few seasons, Manziel may have just enough “It” factor to be a playoff quarterback.

Manziel could start on every top 10 pick drafting team in this draft and, in a somewhat weak draft class, Manziel claims the top quarterback spot.




2. Derek Carr

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photo via

While Carr has been kept out of top 5 predictions, he could easily end up being the most productive quarterbacks to come out of this draft.

One way of that being possible is if Cleveland passes on a QB at #4 and takes Carr with their second round pick in the early twenties. Pairing Carr with Cleveland’s revamped offense and the fourth overall pick would make the Brown’s look smarter than whatever stunt Kevin Costner pulls in Ivan Reitman’s new film “Draft Day“.

Carr is cast in the shadow that his brother left after being a huge first round bust, and that may very well hold his draft stock back.

I stand firmly in the position that Carr is the second best option at QB in this draft.




3. Blake Bortles



Bortles has really had no effect on his draft stock’s up and down behavior this offseason. He has not done anything particularly wrong or right.

He’s just is a prospect that scouts, GMs, writers, and analysts alike cannot put their finger on.

Does he have the star potential?

Can he be a team leader?

Will his subpar competition in college translate to the NFL and it’s world class defenses?

While no one can answer these questions now, Bortles probably can after week 1.

If he gets to start, that is.

Bortles is one of those prospects that is a hit or miss, and you don’t find out until you play him. It’s like a present put under the tree way too early and you just have no idea what you’re going to get.

Still, Bortles remains atop the QB prospects in this draft because he has one thing down. His fundamentals.

That is something Teddy Bridgewater and the rest of the gunslingers waiting to have their names called tonight have struggled to show off in the recent months.

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