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Why Firing Mark Jackson Was a Bad Move by The Warriors

The Golden State Warriors just finished a very successful season that ended in a loss to The LA Clippers. Mark Jackson coached the team to a second straight 50+ win season and a playoff appearance.

This was apparently not enough to keep his job.

Mark Jackson was fired shortly after they lost in game 7. Rumors had been circulating that Jackson was on the hot seat but the popular opinion was that it was just a rumor and he would certainly still be employed for the next season.

Mark Jackson had brought the Warriors from irrelevance to legitimate contenders and it appeared he had nothing to worry about. His most redeeming quality was his relationship with his players. Various members of the roster including star point guard Stephen Curry were very outspoken in their support and love for Jackson. They said they thought he was a great coach and that they could be successful with him.

Unfortunately management disagreed.

This will come back to be a horrible move by the Warriors. There are not many good coaches on the market and you can’t argue Jackson’s success. Not only is a coach of the same caliber as Jackson unavailable but nobody will be able to engage with the players the same way.

Mark Jackson’s love for his players and the trust that was between them is unparalleled in the entire NBA and that aspect of his coaching is completely irreplaceable. The Warriors will not be able to find a suitable replacement for Mark Jackson and that organization will regret firing him next season when they are less successful in his absence.


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