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Fantasy: 2014 10 Round NFL Mock Draft

ISH brings you the fantasy football draft help you need. Check back for more fantasy advice as we inch closer to the NFL Fantasy draft season!

*This draft accounts for a  PPR, snake, 10 team league.

*To give this mock draft a more realistic affect, false teams have been created to simulate real teams and their draft choices following their previous pick. This is to help the draft take into account actual drafting techniques as well as not overdrafting players. Utilize this as a outline for your draft rather than a big board.


Round 1: In Running Backs we Trust


1. Team A – LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy had an absolute monster year for the Eagles last season, topping 1600 yards and scoring 12 touchdowns. After the s loss of DeSean Jackson, McCoy will be the main facet of this Eagles offense. And, with the acquisition of Darren Sproles, defenses will be spread wide enough for McCoy to burst through holes in every direction. McCoy has the most upside of all the picks this year based on his outing last year and his team around him.


Team B – Adrian Peterson

Peterson had an off year, which is what throws him off the top pick this year. His disappointing encore to his MVP season two years ago left a lot of owners second guessing their choices. Personally, I traded for Peterson midway through the season and still missed the playoffs. Peterson does come back to an improved Vikings team, though. The only bad addition in Peterson’s fantasy stock could be Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater’s presence could lead to a more pass heavy offense in Minnesota, and that does not bode well for Peterson.

3. Team C – Jamaal Charles

Charles had a huge season last year for the surprising Chiefs. His 1287 yards and 12 touchdowns propelled the Chiefs and lots of fantasy owners to the playoffs in 2o13-2014, and hopefully he can recreate that production for the owner of this third overall pick.

4.Team D -Marshawn Lynch

Lynch is a consistent option in the first round of fantasy playoffs. Now, with weapons of the Seattle offense like Golden Tate and Sidney Rice gone, Lynch will be relied on more than ever before.

5.Team E -Arian Foster

Foster comes back to Houston with himself being the lone weapon. Now that running back Ben Tate is in the starting role in Cleveland, Foster is sure to be given a heavy load. Andre Johnson is aging, and the Texans took Jadaveon Clowney with the first pick in the draft, so Houston will be looking for offense.

6.Team F -Matt Forte

After a few on and off seasons, Forte broke out of his fantasy shell and provided instant fantasy rewards for the few owners that drafted him early. Trust Forte to recreate that success.

7.Team G -Reggie Bush

Bush was exactly what the Lions wanted when they signed him last offseason. He provided a spark in their offense that, for the first time, was not just Calvin Johnson.

8.Team H -Le’Veon Bell

Bell just tops Lacy for this eighth pick in our fantasy draft because of his team around him. Bell was a beast last season after he recovered from his injury and reminds me a lot a young Jerome Bettis. Pick him with confidence as a number one back.

9.Team I – Eddie Lacy

Lacy won rookie of the year last year for the Packers, and he looks to keep on going from that success. Even though the Packers may be a significantly worse team that previous seasons, Lacy is still worth a top 10 pick.

10.Team J -Calvin Johnson

Megatron is no stranger to being the only non-running back taken in the first round. His production is limitless and, with the best backs off the board, the team with pick number 10 should look to win the WR battle.



Round 2: Receivers, Receivers, Receivers

11. J –  A.J. Green

via yahoo sports
via yahoo sports

Team J has the opportunity here to pair the top 2 (active) receivers in the game on the same team. While he risks getting good running backs, in a PPR league receivers can be just as crucial.

12. I – Dez Bryant

After getting perhaps the weakest pick in the first round, team I makes up for it by picking the best remaining player.

13. H – Brandon Marshall

While Antonio Brown is the better pick, relying on two Steelers to power your offense is risky for team H. Going with Marshall allows them to not live or die by the Steel Curtain.

14.  G- Jimmy Graham

Graham was a monster last season yet again, despite some injuries. He is by far the best tight end in fantasy and should be a high second rounder.

15. F- Antonio Brown

Brown was a disappointment for the first few games of last season, but exploded onto the scene with a few ridiculous stat games. He is definitely a hit or miss player every game, but his upside is higher than that of DeMaryius Thomas.

16.  E – Peyton Manning

The only QB to be drafted in the first two rounds award goes to NFL MVP Peyton Manning. He added Emmanuel Sanders to his receiving core as well as tightening up a defense that should get the ball in his hands much quicker and more often. With Arian Foster being a bit of a risky first rounder, Manning is sure to be consistent in his fantasy outings week to week.

17. D – Zac Stacy

Stacy had an amazing season last year, replacing the now-cut Daryl Richardson as the primary back in St. Louis. He should be in that position again next year and should be a solid #2 running back for team D alongside Marshawn Lynch.

18. C-  DeMaryius Thomas

After stealing Jamaal Charles with the third overall pick, team C should look to the receiver position with this pick. Why not take the best receiver remaining?

19. B – Giovanni Bernard

Bernard sneaks into the second round for one main reason. BenJarvus Green-Ellis is on his way out as primary back in Cincy, and Bernard and his utility skills come right in. Much like a young Darren Sproles with better size, Giovanni Bernard can really light up defenses in a variety of ways.

20. A -Doug Martin

Doug Martin was perhaps the biggest fantasy disappointment of all last year, but he still deserves a second round pick. And, since they had the first overall pick, team A can afford a risky pick with high upside here.



Round 3: Sleepers


21. A – Alshon Jeffrey

Team A needs to look at other positions and, with the top receivers gone, why not take the breakout candidate of the year, Alshon Jeffrey?

22. B- Montee Ball

With the departure of Knownshon Moreno comes the rebirth of Montee Ball’s career. Now handed the starting job in Denver, he makes for a great flex man week to week.

23.  C – Rob Gronkowski

Team C needs to look to balance its roster here.  Taking Gronkowski would give them Charles, Thomas, and Gronkowski at all the PPR positions. That is perhaps the most balanced team of all.

24.  D -Alfred Morris

Taking Morris is questionable for a team that already has Zac Stacy and Marshawn Lynch, but taking another veteran fantasy scorer would be wise to start at flex.

25.  E – Andre Ellington

After taking Peyton Manning over another flex-usable player in round 2, Team C needs to look at flex players here. Ellington is a sweet sleeper pick with huge upside in the fantasy world and in the Cardinals organization.

26. F – Drew Brees

Matt Forte and Antonio Brown are both great picks, but not always the most consistent week to week. Taking Brees would give them a cure to that problem, making sure that the team has consistent points.

27. G – Ben Tate

Reggie Bush and Jimmy Graham are a great start, but I would be most excited about Ben Tate if I was team G. He has top 5 running back material as the starter in a run heavy offense in Cleveland.

28. H – Julius Thomas

Thomas was a roster-maker last season and was the best surprise of Denver’s season. He should be able to recreate that magic again for team H.

29. I – Jordy Nelson

Nelson completes team I’s top three flex positions. While Cobb is a better pick, his knee injury may leave him a mystery until he steps onto the field next season.

30. J – Randall Cobb

Cobb provides the flex spot for a team already loaded with Calvin Johnson and A.J. Green at wide receiver, so his risk is insured.

Round 4: Veterans galore


31. J -Toby Gerhart

Wide receiver is no longer an option here, so taking a running back with super high upside in Toby Gerhart is risky, but should pay off. Gerhart will own the Jacksonville offense.

32. I-C.J. Spiller

C.J. Spiller may be one of the most on and off fantasy players there are, but his upside and Buffalo run heavy offense provides him with plenty of value.

 33.H –  Michael Floyd

After taking a surefire star in Brandon Marshall, team I can afford to take a risk on my personal biggest WR sleeper pick this year. Floyd’s potential is off the charts alongside Larry Fitzgerald, who he just beats in draft position.

34. G – Larry Fitzgerald

Team G takes its first WR with the veteran Larry Fitzgerald. He is, just barely, a better pick than Wes Welker and Keenan Allen.

35.  F – Wes Welker

Having Antonio Brown and Wes Welker as your two receivers should be pretty good for team F, considering it was able to snag Drew Brees and Matt Forte before.

36. E – Keenan Allen

Team E joins team G in taking their first receivers, and Keenan Allen is one of the most likely to return their owner’s investment.

37. D- Cam Newton

Team D is full of running backs by now, so Cam Newton should be the third QB off the board.

38. C -Eric Decker

Decker’s value is unsure going into this season. One thing is sure, though. His value will not be as high as it was when Manning was throwing him the ball – which explains the drop to round 4.

39. B – Knowshon Moreno

Moreno was a fantasy star last year, and his production should follow into next season. Pairing Adrian Peterson with Knownshon Moreno would have been a dream for fantasy owners last year, and its possible that the same results are born from this coalition.

40. A- Vincent Jackson

Despite his poor team play the last few seasons, Vincent Jackson still produces great fantasy numbers.

Round 5: Who knows what you’re gunna get?


41. A – Ray Rice

Now a mystery in fantasy football, Ray Rice is still unproven as a #1 or #2 fantasy back. Don’t trust him with a huge role on your team, but if he’s up for grabs in round five, go for it.

42. B – Michael Crabtree

The addition of Stevie Johnson might sting a bit, but Crabtree is still #1 in SF.

43. C -Shane Vereen

He was a fantasy stud last year when he could play, and theirs no reason to not grab him with this late pick.

44. D -Vernon Davis

Team D decides to go with tight end here in round 5, which is pretty smart in a league that does not value it’s TEs.

45. E -Carlos Hyde

This sleeper pick may be a shot in the dark, but Hyde could easily be Frank Gore’s replacement. You might want to grab a stake in that kind of value.

46. F – Jordan Cameron

There are only so many tight ends worth drafting and not just signing as free agents, and Jordan Cameron is one of those worth signing.

47. G -Percy Harvin

Harvin is a risk, but his upside is too high to pass on in the fifth round.

48. H -Golden Tate

Tate could really shine in a enhanced Lions offense, so drafting him just before #50 is not a bad idea.

49.  I – DeSean Jackson

DesSean Jackson is the biggest risk of all top 50 picks, but his upside is undeniable. With RGIII and Alfred Morris alongside him, Jackson may just have his best year yet.

50. J – Torrey Smith

Smith remains the only Baltimore player who is sure to produce. Unfortunately, Smith’s production never has topped any of the top 3 round receivers.

Round 6: Young and Old


51. J – Julio Jones

52. I – Marques Colston

53. H -DeMarco Murray

54.G – Reggie Wayne

55. F- Maurice Jones-Drew

56. E – Dennis Pitta

57. D- Danny Woodhead

58. C- Emmanuel Sanders

59. B – Sammy Watkins

60. A- Eric Ebron




Round 7: Quarterbacks!


61. A – Tom Brady

62.  B – Aaron Rodgers

63. C -Andrew Luck

64. D – Chris Johnson

65.E –  Darren Sproles

66.F – Stevan Ridley

67. G -Russell Wilson

68. H -Nick Foles

69. I – Colin Kaepernick

70. J -Phillip Rivers

Round 8: Best of the Rest


71. J – Seattle Seahawks Defense

72.  I – Matthew Stafford

73. H – DeAngelo Williams

74. G -San Francisco 49ers Defense

75. F -Steve Smith

76. E -Pierre Garcon

77. D – Anquan Boldin

78. C- Hakeem Nicks

79. B -David Wilson

80. A -Frank Gore

Round 9: Defense Wins Championships


81. A – Garrett Graham

82. B -Danny Amendola

83.C -Carolina Panthers Defense

84. D -St. Louis Rams Defense

85. E -Denver Broncos Defense

86. F -Kansas City Chiefs Defense

87. G- Arizona Cardinals Defense

88.H – Chicago Bears Defense

89. I – Cincinnati Bengals Defense

90. J -Baltimore Ravens Defense


Round 10: Kick back

91.  J – Matt Prater

92. I – Stephen Gostkowski

93. H -Phil Dawson

94. G – Justin Tucker

95. F- Steven Hauschka

96. E -Mason Crosby

97.D – Nick Novak

98. C- Blair Walsh

99. B- Adam Vinatari

100.A –  Robbie Gould


Notable Remaining players:

Mike Tolbert

Jordan Todman

Miles Austin

Josh Gordon (likely suspension)

Brandon Myers

Greg Olsen

Kenny Stills

Ryan Broyles

Brandin Cooks

Steven Jackson

Jacquizz Rodgers

Jonathan Stewart

Peyton Hillis

Marcus Lattimore

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