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Why the NCAA needs to give power to the “Big 5” conferences

The NCAA has embarked on an idea to give the 5 Power Conferences in the NCAA, which include the ACC, SEC, BIG (Big Ten), Big 12 and Pac-12 increased autonomy as it relates to student-athletes and college sports. There will be a meeting in August to put the final vote in place, but the situation is looking positive right now. These conferences would have autonomy over things like how to fund scholarships, continuing education and medical care, insurance, and the ability to pay for family members on trips” (

The Thin Relationship Between the NCAA and the Schools

Above, shows Shabazz Napier taking a shot at the NCAA after winning the National Title in April. The video shows the problem with the way things currently stand.

The NCAA is nothing without the players, and if the players are unhappy, their are changes needed to be made. This has contributed to the tension with the NCAA and these schools and players. Shabazz has a point, too. The NCAA has been ridiculous with some of its rules on scholarships, transfers, punishments for schools and ineligibility.

The connection between the NCAA and schools has gotten worse and worse over the years. This thin relationship has caused tension on important issues that have just gone unresolved.


The NCAA makes Billions, the Players make nothing

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 9.46.58 PM

Above shows Arian Foster voicing his opinion on the matter. When you read the tweet, it really is outrageous that that is how it happens. The important thing to understand is that this has been the way things work for hundreds of years, and it may be hard to change. But the NCAA is not giving all of the money they make to the schools, let alone, to the players. The schools are not getting the funding that they could be getting from the amount of money that is raked in from the NCAA. But, the main problem is the players salary.

According to, the NCAA makes $6 billion annually. Even if a player suffers a serious injury, on the NCAA’s watch, they will never see a dime of that $6 billion. This is the main reason why the NCAA loses all of its great players to the pros in recent years. Now while the new NBA commissioner Adam Silver has taken steps and is looking to increase the NBA age limit, the NCAA has done nothing on their side to help with that. It is tricky getting something like this passed, because usually both sides have to agree.

There is a major debate on whether college players should get paid – you can voice your opinion below.

I feel that if they are not getting paid, they should at least receive benefits to ensure that they have a comfortable life on campus. The reason that the players might not choose to stay in college and go to the pros instead is largely due to the fact that the players are ready for the better life that they can earn for themselves. Increasing benefits and/or paying players has this possible benefit to the NCAA.

The 5 Power Conferences could leave the NCAA

Believe it or not, the SEC, Pac-12, ACC, BIG, and Big 12 have the power to leave the NCAA altogether. Similar to what some rumors and opinions were with the NBA lockout, the schools have the ability to break off and start their own college basketball league of sorts. These schools make up nearly all of the games broadcasted, and they make up all the entertainment in the sports.

You know that feeling when a Cinderella team upsets a top-tier school, such as Mercer beating Duke in the NCAA Tournament? That would be gone. Imagine an NCAA with all Cinderellas. There would be nothing to watch. It would be like sitting down and watching a high school football game on ESPN on Saturday instead of monster SEC match-ups.

But really, what kind of repercussions would the departure of the top 5 conferences have on the NCAA, schools, players and fans alone?

It would be very difficult for the schools to generate the funds needed to start up this new association, let alone to keep it going for more than a week. Also, the organization would be poor, and it could be years before we start seeing real, competitive basketball with a purpose.

This could lead to players leaving for the D-League, to showcase their skills and to get recognized by the NBA. Their would also be draft consequences, and the flow of players from college to the NBA could be severely blockaded for years to come. This is all hypothetical, but the potential consequences lead us to really hope that none of this has to happen, and its a nagging reason for the NCAA to surrender to the Big 5.

The “Big 5” would make better decisions


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