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Catching Up On The Latest NBA Trade Rumors | Kevin Love, Cleveland’s 1st pick, and More

As we inch closer to the NBA Finals, the NBA rumor mill is buzzing with potential transactions. Here we will give a recap of the latest news and rumors up to this point!



Kevin Love Is out in Minnesota – But Where Will He Go?

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Kevin Love rumors have run rampant over the last few weeks. With rumored destinations being Chicago, LA, NY, Washington, Golden State, and even Sacramento, it is hard to tell if any of these rumors could come to fruition.

Chicago is an interesting landing spot for Love, who has spoken out about playing there. He could give Chicago the superstar they need to finally make noise in the playoffs. Pairing Love and Noah in the frontcourt would instantly be the best in the league. Giving Rose the running mate he hasn’t had his whole term in Chicago would fix a lot of problems. The only problem would be how they get Love in a Bulls jersey – Without tearing up the chemistry and bench.

Los Angeles and New York both have nothing to offer. The Lakers have been a longtime favorite to land Love, but it looks unlikely – unless the Timberwolves would be satisfied with the number 7th pick.

New York has also been named as potential suitors for Love, but they also have nothing to offer. New York Sports Hub’s Anthony Fareese wrote –

Now the Knicks landing Love is highly unlikely due to many issues such as cap space, a lack of draft picks, and very few appealing movable players, but it is possible. Love reportedly requested a trade to the Knicks or Los Angeles Lakers, so the Knicks might be able to make a move for him, but as stated before it is highly unlikely, but still possible.”

He is exactly right. They have no players of value or draft picks that the Wolves would like to take on, so they really can’t be considered a legitimate option.

Washington and Sacramento are both teams that have been rumored to be outsiders looking in on the prize. Sacramento has even come out and said they would be willing to trade for Love as a rental. Sacramento is pretty confident in their ability to convince stars that Sactown is a big market and the place to be – as evident by their pursuance of Rajon Rondo. They could put together a package that Minnesota could be interested in, but still, Sacramento is an underdog.

Golden State is the sleeper team here to really make a run. Perhaps packaging Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes and a future first rounder would do the trick for Wolves management. Those two guys are pieces to build around. They keep Minnesota semi decent as they begin their search for a new superstar.



Will Cleveland trade the Number One Overall Pick?


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Chris Grant – The Cleveland Cavaliers new GM. photo via

Will the Cavaliers trade the chance at possible superstars in Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins, or Jabari Parker for a guy like Kevin Love or more?

Probably not.

Could they, though?

Yes. Absolutely. While the idea of trading the first pick in this year’s loaded draft class may sound absurd, the Cavaliers’ GM, David Griffin, may have some personal motivation to not make the selection this June. He does not want to end up like last Cavs GM, Chris Grant, who made the infamous selection of Anthony Bennett.

Therefore, trading the pick for an established veteran who is a game changing player and re-signing Luol Deng could make the Cavs the playoff contenders they have hoped to be for so long.

Both making the pick and trading it will probably result in a better team in Cleveland, but just how much better will be determined by the success of the draft prospects.



Where Could Greg Monroe be Shipped out of Detroit to?

Greg Monroe and the Detroit Pistons have had a long relationship full of ups and downs. It’s likely that the relationship comes to an end this summer, as Greg Monroe enters restricted free agency.

Monroe is likely to command a max deal, and the Pistons don’t sound intrigued by that. Monroe has been rumored to several teams, but three teams stick out as squads likely to pursue Greg Monroe the hardest this summer.

The Charlotte Hornets, Washington Wizards, and New Orleans Pelicans jump out as suitors. They all have pursued him in the past, and there is no reason to think they won’t again. The Hornets and Wizards do have some good cap space they could use to throw a contract at him. The Wizards, though, would need to let both Marcin Gortat and Trevor Ariza walk if they wanted a real chance at Monroe.

The Pelicans are in a tougher situation. They don’t have much cap space and can only offer the bad contracts of Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon, neither of which the Pistons would be interested in. I expect the Pelicans to make an offer for Monroe, but fail in their attempts.

The Hornets are the most likely landing spot for Monroe, as the Wizards are unlikely to let both Gortat and Ariza walk away.




LA, Sacramento Looking To Trade Draft Picks?

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Both Los Angeles and Sacramento are open to dealing their draft picks. This is not news.

But, what can they actually get for them?

Well, the reward may differ concerning the asking price. Sacramento is likely to look for a veteran presence who can come in immediately and change the losing culture of the team.

LA is likely to ask for Kevin LoveĀ andĀ a first round draft pick. And probably Ricky Rubio.

My point is that LA is unlikely to find a suitor for their pick who is willing to give up what they are going to ask for. Sacramento will probably take a reasonable offer.

But, whose to say that the teams trade their picks OUT of the first round?

Sacramento could look to trade up for a shot at Dante Exum. Utah and Sactown could maybe work out a deal involving the 8th pick, Ray McCallum, and a future pick for the 4th pick. That would be a dream scenario for Sacramento, as Dante Exum has been on their minds for a long time.

Los Angeles doesn’t really have pieces to offer for a trade up, so sticking at 7th may be in their best interests. They could maybe snag Julius Randle there. Who knows. All I know is that LA will overvalue their first lottery pick in years and likely strike out on a potential deal.














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