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Frank Lampard Takes New Steps To Join NYC FC

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Chelsea’s Veteran midfielder Frank Lampard has taken what seems to be the first steps in signing with a new up and coming team in the MLS.

New York City FC has created a large buzz for itself, mostly for it’s owners, owned by both Manchester City and Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees.


Because this team is located in New York, it’s success is almost undeniable. The huge market that is New York is sure to draw more and more soccer fans into following the team. The New York Red Bulls rank just tenth this season in attendance, according to ESPNFC. NYC FC will surely look to leapfrog them in those standings.

Therefore, Frank Lampard seems to be a huge asset to this team, and hopefully will be able to keep up the momentum he’s had in his 13 year long career with Chelsea.

This would not be the first time there would have been rumored changes in Lampard’s contract. Last year, it was reported that Lampard would sign with the LA Galaxy, per

While Frank Lampard has brought a lot of attention to the recent New York team, players such as ex-Athletico Madrid forward David Villa also bring a positive impact to the future of this team.

Villa, who met with NYC FC representatives, has made an incredible name for himself not only on his team, but internationally. At 33, Villa became Spain’s all-time leading scorer, which could prove to be a huge weapon for NYCFC on the field.

With all the publicity around this team, it will be interesting to see how it will affect the rest of the MLS, like leaders such as the Red Bulls.

While nothing is for certain yet, NYC FC has a great opportunity to start strong with these two players when they start playing next March.

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