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Who Is The World Cup Really For?

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The Countries, the teams, the players. The World Cup is important to all three, but even with all the benefits towards the people above, the Cup is really all for one group: The fans.

Keep in mind, without the fans there would be no World Cup or even soccer as a recognized sport.

But how does the Cup benefit the fans?

The Fans are looking for one thing only. The win. That feeling of pride when your country scores the goal that wins it all. That sense of accomplishment when your team gets the win over another nation. That feeling is what the fans live for.

A nation winning means more to the fans than any other group, because it’s what they devote themselves to.

The lucky few who will see the games in person this year in Brazil will have an incredible experience. But even those who watch from home feel the connectivity. No matter what bar, house, watch party, or couch your at, you feel the vibrations of the crowd and the passion of the players.

The World Cup is a different kind of atmosphere to the world of soccer, and all athletics as a whole. Soccer is in fact the world’s game, and the Cup is a prime example of the togetherness the sport brings.

But one thing always changes every Cup; the location. The location itself involves great thought, because it will determine the outcome of every game. Brazil this year, despite it’s struggles, is sure to host one hell of a tournament.

To those who watch this year, keep in mind that every country has sent the best athletes they have available, and each is deserving of the win. But what makes the difference?

I say it’s us.

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