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What it will take for each NFC Playoff team from 2013 to return

What will it take for all 6 playoff teams in the NFC to make it back there? What is the chance that they will make it back? Ratings go from Highly Probably to Unlikely.

Seattle Seahawks

Playoff Possibility: Probable

The defending Champions have a great chance to make it back to the playoffs, but their chances are listed as probable only because the NFC West can turn on a dime. The Cardinals were oh-so-close to making the playoffs last season, but finished with their heads high after having put up a very surprising 10 wins and after being the only team to say that they beat the Super Bowl Champions in Seattle. The Rams have the best front 7 in the game, and that plus a good young receiver corps equals a possible playoff run. But with all the same major important pieces returning to Seattle, fully expect to see this team play in January.

Foreseeable replacements: San Francisco 49ers/Arizona Cardinals/St. Louis Rams

Carolina Panthers

Playoff Possibility: Questionable

Everybody knows that the upcoming season looks ugly for the Panthers after a completely new Wide Receiver corps and Secondary, and a very thin Offensive Line. But everything you have heard about the Panthers this offseason has been pure speculation. We have no idea how well this receiver group will replace the old one. On the receiver side, the analysts say it is a step down but the statistics say it is a tiny step up. We have no idea how the old veterans the Panthers signed to replace their backfield will do. And we have no idea if the current O-Line group is capable of sustaining success. The receivers, new backfield, and back-up lineman are all untested under this system. Cam Newton has shown a good attitude toward the drastic changes and vows to take more responsibility, and we should take that into consideration with the coming year. Also, don’t count out the return of “Double Trouble” with a healthy Jonathon Stewart. Regardless, the rest of the NFC South unarguably accomplished more during the offseason than the Panthers and this division is once again up for grabs.

Foreseeable Replacements: New Orleans Saints/Atlanta Falcons/Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Philadelphia Eagles

Playoff Possibility: Slightly Questionable

Similarly to the Panthers, the Eagles lost their top receiver, DeSean Jackson and we are unsure how badly this will affect the offense in the upcoming season. Also, some say that Nick Foles breakout season may turn out to be a fluke. But the Eagles have one of the best Running Backs in the NFL in LeSean McCoy, and he will be enough of a distraction to the defense to allow something to work in the air. Also, one should trust Chip Kelly’s offense to put this team back in the playoffs considering this struggling division. Every other team in the NFC East experienced massive Quarterback drama last year, and you can’t count on any team to be a force in the NFL after a situation like that. Despite all this, the odds say that out of Eli Manning and RGIII, count on at least one of them to have a come back year.

Foreseeable Replacements: Washington Redskins/New York Giants

Green Bay Packers

Playoff Possibility: Highly Probable

The Packers were without Aaron Rodgers for nearly half of the regular season, and still were crowned NFC North Champs. That should paint a picture of their dominant position in the NFC North. The Bears are always in a position to contend with their capable QB and their top tier duo of receivers, and the Lions are lurking with immense talent, the only thing missing is management. We will see if the Lions have hit the jackpot with their new HC and GM. But the Packers are the clear favorites in the division with a healthy Aaron Rodgers. The other two teams may only have a wild card spot to scuffle over.

Foreseeable Replacements: Detriot Lions/Chicago Bears

San Francisco 49ers

Playoff Possibility: Probable

Like the Seahawks, the 49ers only get a probable because of the toughness of their division. The difference between the 49ers and the Seahawks is equivalent to about the extra inch needed on Kaepernicks pass (which was deflected and intercepted) to beat the Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game. So in other words, razor thin. Kaepernick had a rough start to the season, which allowed Seattle to win the division with ease. Don’t expect the same next year. The probability that either the 49ers or Seahawks make it to the playoffs is close to certain, but you can’t say certain for one or the other.

Foreseeable Replacements: Seattle Seahawks/Arizona Cardinals/St. Louis Rams

New Orleans Saints

Playoff Possibility: Highly Probable

The New Orleans Saints seem to be the only sure thing in the NFC South right now, as they have been for a long time. The chances are minuscule that the team won’t be able to win the division or at least grab a wild card spot. The Saints only questions this offseason were about signing Jimmy Graham and replacing Darren Sproles. They drafted Brandin Cooks, who is really a mirror image of Sproles, with just a different position name. And just last week, they signed Jimmy Graham. So thats that.

Foreseeable Replacements: Carolina Panthers/Atlanta Falcons/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

One thought on “What it will take for each NFC Playoff team from 2013 to return Leave a comment

  1. I may be a Seahawks fan, but I see the Cardinals and 40whiners grbbing the wild cards. I don’t expect the whiners to advance to the divisional round. I say the Saints take the number2 seed while the Seahawks take the first seed.

    Packers over 49ers
    Cardinals over Eagles

    Cardinals over Saints
    Seahawks over Packers

    Seahawks over Cardinals (In overtime)

    Seattle over Indianapolis.


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