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NFL: Top Fantasy Sleepers and Reaches for Every Position



Matt Ryan | Atlanta Falcons

Ryan is rated low on many fantasy because of the performance of the Falcons last year which was dismal. With the addition of Jake Mathews on the offensive-line of ATL Ryan’s 2015 campaign will likely surpass his 2014 campaign. Ryan has been one of the top performing QBs in the league since his entrance in 2008. Matt Ryan makes for a fringe QB1, great QB2.

Courtesy of ESPN
Courtesy of ESPN

Ryan Tannehill | Miami Dolphins

Tannehill has the tools to become a fantasy monster. Knowshon Moreno was brought in to balance the pass game and Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace have big play making ability. The unknown factor is whether the defense can step up and help keep the ball in Tannehill’s hands. Tannehill makes for a safe QB2 in nearly every league.


Johnny Manziel | Cleveland Browns

If Brian Hoyer does well enough to keep the starting QB position that means that the Browns will at least have a winning record, the only way Manziel does not start a game is if the Browns finish with a 9-7 record or better. I personally do not see that happening in the foreseeable future for the Browns, but like Kevin Garnett said “Anything is possible.” Manziel would be an absolute fantasy stud if he was a starter, as he can do so much from the QB position. Right now, he is worth a stash for teams who have a weak starter at QB1 and can afford a roster spot. It could do wonders if Manziel does anything like he did in college.



Toby Gerhart | Jacksonville Jaguars

Gerhart has spent his last 4 seasons learning behind the monster that is Adrian Peterson. I have no doubt that barring injury Gerhart will be a fantasy monster racking up points.Gerhart qualifies as a great RB2 and even possibly a average RB1. The only doubt in Jacksonville is whether Chad Henne will start the whole season or Blake Bortles will be called to take the reigns.

Giovani Bernard | Cincinnati Bengals

With a depleting QB corp the Bengals will most likely run the ball in more situations. last year Bernard had 695 yards on 170 attempts and 6 touchdowns. For every touch Bernard gained 4.1 yards. Those numbers are bound to improve after taking over the starting job. Bernard should be a solid RB1 or even a luxury at RB2 for those fortunate enough.

Courtesy of nflfemale
Courtesy of nflfemale


Maurice Jones-Drew |  Oakland Raiders

MJD used to be a fantasy god 3 years ago but he has declined into mediocrity, if he can turn up the speed and somehow receive enough carries behind Darren McFadden to have fantasy relevance he will be worth the pick. Don’t look now, but be ready to sweep MJD up off the waiver wire after one of the first weeks.




Coradelle Patterson |  Minnesota Vikings

Greg Jennings has been talking big things about Patterson recently. It seems that the Vikings are replacing Percy Harvin with Patterson. Patterson will rack up rushing yards and receiving yards. In 2014 he had 9 total touchdowns – 3 rushing, 4 receiving ,2 returning. Mike Zimmer, the head coach, has released statements saying Patterson will be touching the ball more this season. Patterson makes for a nice WR2 in most leagues.

Courtesy of mnginteractive
Courtesy of mnginteractive

Desean Jackson | Washington Redskins

I see Desean Jackson and RGIII working very well together. If the Redskins can set up correct plays to get Jackson in open space it should help boost both players stats. Last season Jackson tied his season high TDs with 9, but if the Redskins set him up in the slot and/or return game he can be an unstoppable force. Jackson makes for a high upside WR2.


Riley Cooper | Philadelphia Eagles

Cooper has had many off the field problems, including racism and hatred towards his own teammates. With DeSean Jackson shipped out of Philly he has the chance to step up and make a name for himself that’s not negative, hopefully he rises to the occasion. He showed up last season and put up some big games, but still ranks as a low upside WR3.



Tyler Eifert/ Jermaine Gresham  | Cincinnati Bengals

With all the TE talent in Cincy with Jermaine Gresham, Tyler Eifert, and Orson Charles there needs to be one to emerge out of the three. With Charles being moved to FB to help with the run game and pass blocking it is between Gresham and Eifert. Last season Gresham and Eifert had nearly identical yardage. This year whoever decides to carry the most of the load will be the successful TE. Both are low end TE2s, but that could easily change.

Kyle Rudolph | Minnesota Vikings

Rudolph broke his foot in week 9 last season. He did great with the team until that point but he had to call it quits for the season. Rudolph recently signed a new deal to stay with the Vikings he needs to play to prove that he deserved his huge payout. Rudolph has huge potential and is a solid TE1.


Andrew Quarless | Green Bay Packers

Quarless has the chance to solidify himself on the Packers team. With Finley out with a bruised spinal cord, Quarless needs to carry that load to help the Packers win this season. Before Finley went out he had 300 yards and 3 TDs. There is no reason that Quarless can’t have those numbers. Quarless makes for a solid TE2.

Courtesy of Fancloud
Courtesy of Fancloud



Houston Texans

With JJ Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, Brian Cushing, and Chris Clemons there is no reason that this defense should not show out and crush offenses. The offensive side of the Texans is questionable but the defense is strong. Jonathon Joseph and Kareen Jackson should shut down WRs with the kind of pressure JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney will deliver.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have the least strength of schedule of all the NFL teams. According to, the Colts have the easiest path to the playoffs this year. Robert Mathis and LaRon Landry will lead the defense to a winning record. The secondary, including star Vontae Davis, can really lock down. The Colts may end up being a great D/ST1.


Atlanta Falcons

Although the Falcons lost Will Weatherspoon they picked up Pat Angerer, who can help bolster this defense to stop the run and cover the short ball. With the retirement of Peria Jerry the defense needs to find a new DT to support the team and cover the nose. You may want to look for other help than the Falcons D.



Dan Bailey |  Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys were 5th in scoring last season. If Romo and the coaches can find a way to move the ball pass to the 35 Bailey can hit the 50 yard long kicks that will score points for fantasy teams.

Courtesy of worldnow
Courtesy of worldnow

Ryan Succop |Kansas City Chiefs

Last year Coach Andy Reid turned the Chiefs into winners. The team were ranked 6th in scoring and finished with a 11-5 record. This season I expect the Chiefs to have closer games and not blow teams as much as they did.


Alex Henery |  Philadelphia Eagles

He is rated low on the kicker board but the Eagles were top scorers last season. Also, without DeSean Jackson the offense may score less, but Nick Foles should be able to light a spark in this offense.



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