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Post Draft and Free-Agency NBA Power Rankings

The dust has settled on the craziest NBA offseason in over a decade – so engaging it has led many to question why it has become more entertaining than the games themselves. With the best player in basketball astonishingly returning to his hometown team and teaming up with the best power forward in basketball, the Spurs – to nobody’s surprise – hiring the first woman assistant coach in NBA history, the first overall pick being traded before he plays a regular season game – albeit with extenuating circumstances, Carmelo Anthony unsurprisingly passing on a better opportunity to win in order to get more money, and the undisputed top pick (Joel Embiid) seriously injuring himself a week before the draft, the level of chaos reached a whole new level. Only 82+ games left until we get to do it all again, but until then we might as well enjoy some basketball. From 1-30 here is how each team stacks up in the quest for the 31st Larry O’Brien Trophy:

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