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Building the Perfect NBA Point Guard

As you have probably seen on Bleacher Report, the lead NFL writers over there have been writing articles about “building the perfect (quarterback, running back, linebacker, etc). So, I thought, how about building the perfect NBA player? So here we are, kicking off the series with the perfect point guard.



Arms of Stephen Curry

photo via
photo via

By now, we all know how elite Stephen Curry and his beautiful shooting stroke is.  The guy can flat out drain it. Those shooting skills are top three in the league, something that is a luxury for any team –  a shooting point guard.

There are great shooters in the league, and even some better than Curry, but with the lead at 2 and I’m going for the win, I want the ball in Curry’s hands.

Curry’s special factor is more special than most other point guards’. He is noticeably the best shooting point guard in the league, and that is what a perfect point guard would possess. Can you think of a better shooting point guard ever? Curry definitely deserves to be part of what a perfect point guard would be.


Legs of Russell Westbrook

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Russell Westbrook is the most athletic point guard in the league, no questions asked, His speed and leaping ability is downright scary. Just look at this video of him taking it coast to coast.

Westbrook didn’t even lose a beat after his knee injury. He remains one of the scariest drivers and slashers in the game, as no one can get in front and stop him – once again, speed and leap. In fact, Westbrook and Curry are the two most “unguardable” guards in the league, as their special skills are just so far advanced from the next guy.

Mind (basketball IQ) of Chris Paul


Chris Paul can do it all, and that is why he is the best point guard in the league. The Clipper general is the most balanced point guard, which is why we would want his mind. Paul always knows when to pass or shoot, which is why he has such balanced averages of 19.1 PPG and 10.7 APG.

Also, CP3 is not just offensively minded. He knows how to play defense, too, which explains his career 2.4 SPG average.

Chris Paul is a true floor general and guy you can get behind. That is what you need from your “perfect” point guard.


Vision of Ricky Rubio


Ricky Rubio may be somewhat of a disappointment now in his fourth NBA season, but he still possesses one of, if not the, best court vision in the league. He can really dish the dimes and slide it by the defense. He has also been making due with not-so-great options in Minnesota, with the exception of Kevin Love.

Rubio has a career average of 8.1 APG, which makes him one of the deadliest passers in the league. Gifting that kind of court vision and passing ability to a player with Paul’s mind, Curry’s shooting, and Westbrooks athleticism is just ridiculous.


Heart of Kyle Lowry


Kyle Lowry proved himself as an elite point guard this past season for the Raps. He doesn’t have a killer shot, or a nag for passing the ball, or even a great slashing ability.

But, what he does have, is the heart and hustle to change games. Just look at this video. Nearing halftime in game 5 of the Raptors vs. Nets playoff series, Kyle Lowry was not going to let a scoring opportunity go to waste. See how he goes through 3 defenders? That is the hustle you want from your point guard. Lowry just wants it more than the next guy.





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