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Top NBA Matchups To Get Excited For

 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Miami Heat – Christmas Day Matchup

(play three other times)


Photo via
Photo via

The King’s return to his former champion team is going to be publicized and broadcasted to the absolute max. This will end up annoying all you religious Sportscenter watchers, but it is still a matchup you NEED to tune into.

LeBron vs Wade, New Big 3 vs. Former Big 3, the city of Cleveland vs. the city of Miami, now an official rivalry, and so many other great headlines. This one may not be an instant classic, but the emotion will be running so high, it will be a must see.



 Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs – Opening Night

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photo via

This opening night matchup will be a great one, as the Spurs vs. Mavs playoff series last season was one of the most exciting of the whole postseason. Need a refresher?

While Vince Carter won’t be featured in this matchup, a lot of new faces will be for the Mavericks, including Tyson Chandler, Chandler Parsons, and Raymond Felton, among others. This Texas shootout game is always exciting, and getting to kick the NBA season off with this rivalry is a gift to the fans of the league.



 Cleveland Cavaliers at San Antonio Spurs – March 12

photo via
photo via

LeBron’s return to the land of loss for him personally will be a big game. He is sure to be fired up and motivated to get the W for this one, something him and his Heat rarely valued for regular season games last season.

I am sure Tim Duncan and company will be just as pumped for this one, as they are likely to be overlooked once more by critics who are completely infatuated with LeBron’s superteam, the Cavs.

Definitely mark this one down for the calendar if you are a fan of revenge type games, because this one is sure to satisfy.


 Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks – November 22

photo via Chandler Parsons official Twitter
photo via Chandler Parsons official Twitter

This one is always a classic, but the added drama of Dallas stealing Chandler Parsons from the Rockets compounded with some comments made by Dwight Howard should make this one a nail biter.

The Mavs and Rockets are constantly fighting in the standings and on the court, so tune into this one for some great competitive basketball.

 Cleveland Cavaliers at Chicago Bulls – Halloween Night

photo via
photo via

This is a scary matchup. Get it? Because Halloween? Anyone? ok.

Well then, the Cavs and Bulls will clash on the final night in October in the King’s trip to Chicago. The projected top two Eastern conference teams will go at it early in the season, which could be a very early preview to the Eastern conference Finals.


 Milwaukee Bucks vs. Brooklyn Nets – November 19

photo via
photo via

Jason Kidd’s rough breakup with the Nets will be on display here when the Nets play the Bucks at home. In Kidd’s return, both teams will have something more to play for than just the W on the schedule.

Kidd will surely fire up his team with “show em who’s better” talk, while the Nets and new coach Lionel Hollins will want to leave a bad taste in Kidd’s mouth with a loss.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves – January 31


This is the first Cavs. vs. matchup where LeBron is not the centerpiece. The two battles here are Kevin Love vs. Minnesota and Andrew Wiggins vs. Cavs brass.

Wiggins will want to be completely on display to show the Cavalier staff and front office what they are missing out on, while the entire Minnesota team will want to tell Kevin Love “we don’t need you” by playing their heart out. This one will be high strung, but maybe not a nail biter.

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