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Building the Perfect NBA Shooting Guard

As you have probably seen on Bleacher Report, the lead NFL writers over there have been writing articles about “building the perfect (quarterback, running back, linebacker, etc). So, I thought, how about building the perfect NBA player? So here we are,with the second installment in the series with the perfect shooting guard.


Arms of Kyle Korver

photo via
photo via

Kyle Korver is the best three point shooter in the NBA. Period.

Yes Kevin Love hit more threes last season, Ray Allen is the best of all time, blah blah blah. I am saying at the moment, nobody tops Korver. The Hawks shooter shot over 47% from downtown last season, averaging a ridiculous 2.6 makes a game.

While absolutely none of you are going to watch all 12 minutes of Korver sinking threes, the point can be made in just the first. Korver is a master at getting open and getting into open space. He is a perfect teammate for that reason, always doing the work for the passer. He also is practically unguardable once the ball is in his hands – as you can see, close outs and contests did little to throw him off.

The perfect shooter makes his way into part of the perfect shooting guard.


Legs of DeMar DeRozan


DeRozan is the most athletic shooting guard in the league. Don’t believe me?

Good, now that we have that settled, let’s talk about how deadly the combo of Korver’s shooting and DeRozan’s athleticism would be. DeRozan is one of the best slashers in the game, able to get to the hoop and finish over defenders. Adding that skill to the deadeye shooting of Korver is truly perfection.

You need your shooting guard to create shots for himself, and DeRozan is great at that by utilizing his speed and athleticism (I.E. legs) to do so.


Mind (basketball IQ) of Manu Ginobli

As the big fundamental Tim Duncan said (via ESPN), “”It’s just his basketball IQ,.. Just him being on the floor brings a different energy, a different movement to the entire team.”

That is exactly why he is the pick for perfect shooting guard. Sure he isn’t a takeover scorer, but him being out on the court makes the offense run so much more fluidly. The Argentinian specialist knows exactly how the defense is going to react before they do. That is why his mind is needed for the “perfect” shooting guard.

You can see the results of his effect on the team, as the Spurs were crowned Finals champions this past season.


Vision of James Harden

photo via
photo via

James Harden averaged 6.1 APG last season. It is not too often that you see a scorer, who averages over 25 PPG, also average over 6 APG. Harden’s point guards last season were Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverley, neither of whom are known for their passing. Harden was able to take over that role as primary ball handler.

You would want a perfect shooting guard to be able to pass the ball and handle the ball, so Harden is the pick here. Not to mention, the guy can really score the ball. Like, a lot.


Heart of Kobe Bryant

photo via
photo via

No one can stop Kobe Bryant. No one. Bryant is an unstoppable machine, something only ever seen in Michael Jordan.

Kobe was blessed with the clutch gene. For example, look at this buzzer beater from Kobe, just one of the 28 of them in his career.

He is the ultimate warrior. A fighter. Someone that you always want on your team. He possesses the heart and x factors that reign supreme in the association, and that is why you need him on the perfect shooting guard.


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