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Building the Perfect NBA Power Forward

Kevin Love’s Arms

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Kevin Love can shoot. Period. He doesn’t defend, but he does everything else. He rebounds at a monstrous rate, he can really pass the ball ( he led all power forwards in APG), and can score a lot (26.1 PPG). Love is guardable, but barely.

The biggest part of Love’s game is his ability to hit the three, of which he hit 2.5 a game. That would be a crucial part of a “perfect” 4 man because, in today’s NBA, the stretch 4 is the only way to go.

Love is one of the best three point shooters in the league, putting in more three pointers that sharpshooter Kyle Korver. Whoever pours in 190 three point makes in a year needs to be recognized as a integral part of a perfect player.



Blake Griffin’s Legs

Blake Griffin is one of the most explosive forwards or even players to play the game. His athleticism is off the charts. His leaping ability is awe inspiring.

Griffin’s legs give him a huge advantage over his matchups because he can outrun, outjump, and outdunk anyone in his path. Not only are Griffin’s legs exciting, but they are tactically overpowering. Even other elite elite power forwards like Pau Gasol, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Kevin Love struggle to guard Griffin and compete with his athleticism.

There is too much bounce in his arsenal.



Tim Duncan’s Mind

Photo via  Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
Photo via Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Duncan has the mind of a Hall of Famer. Oh, look at that, he is one (or will be soon). In fact, many consider Duncan to be one of if not the greatest power forward of all time. Not a bad honor. He didn’t get that public opinion or his 5 championships through nothing though. His masterful basketball IQ paired with the genius of coach Pop in San Antonio created the maelstrom of success that the two share today. Duncan is the ultimate teammate and the “Big Fundamental”. His mind is among the best in the league and his experience is unmatched.



Pau Gasol’s Vision

Gasol has always been a dime dropper from the power forward slot. He averaged the fourth most assists of all power forwards. Often times as a Laker, Gasol would bring the ball up the floor, seeing the entire court. Here, you can see that the defense is scared of his playmaking ability and bites on the pump pass fake:

Also, take a look at this video. The title of the video pretty much sums up the whole sections.





Serge Ibaka’s Defense

Ibaka is the ultimate shot blocker. He averaged 2.7 per game last season, and was the main anchor for the Thunder last year. He also averaged 6.0 defensive rebounds per game as well as half a steal. Also, according to basketball-reference, he averaged a career high 4.4 defensive win shares last season.


Ibaka is by far the best defending power forward in the league. He can guard athletic small forwards, stretch 4s, or big centers. He is extremely versatile and flexible.

You would need a guy with Ibaka’s athleticism and defensive prowess on a “perfect” power forward.

Dirk Nowitzki’s Heart

There are countless ones of these. You can spend a lot of time on youtube and find a lot of these Dirk buzzer beaters. They are just that common. Dirk is the most clutch, most driven 4 man out there.

Some may want a guy like Blake Griffin. Some may want a guy like Kevin Love. But, in terms of legacy, dependability, and heart, I would choose Dirk everytime.



Disagree with any of these decisions? Leave a comment telling us your “Perfect” power forward combinations.


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