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Bradford’s Injury: Who Jeff Fisher Needs To Call

You may have laughed at the picture above, but it is not that goofy. Fisher needs to get on his phone and start searching for some options, because they sure as hell are not going to fall back on the feet of Shaun Hill.

Who is Shaun Hill, you ask?

I don’t know. That is why he is not a viable option.

So, let’s break down a few of the Rams’ realistic options at QB now that Sam Bradford has gone down for the season with ANOTHER ACL tear. Truly a shame.

First off, I blame Rams staff for not going out and getting a viable backup. If you know your quarterback has injury issues (especially knee), why would you not prepare yourself for the worst?

Now that that is out of the way, let’s list some options (in no particular order)

Option  1: Trade for Mark Sanchez

photo via
photo via

He is obtainable. He is experienced. He is better than Shaun Hill. Completely checks out in my book.

No seriously, Sanchez is not as bad as he is deemed to be. Is he not the quarterback who led the Jets to the AFC championship two years in a row?  This guy has really impressed in Philly’s camp and is looking to be the Eagles’ second best quarterback behind gunslinger.

The Rams would be happy to bring in any former successful starter to quarterback the offense. Not to mention how cheap Sanchez could likely be had for in a real trade.

Option 2: Call Kolb

Ok so the “successful” part of “former successful starter” doesn’t really apply here, but still, Kolb is a talented QB. Kolb’s tours in Philly and Arizona among others always had him as a bottom of the pack quarterback because he never played on good teams.

This St.Louis team, though, is no bad team. They have legitimate options both on offense and defense and would be a perfect place for Kolb to rebirth his NFL career.

He could be signed for cheap and put in a competition with Shaun Hill for the starting job, which would bring out the best of both of them.

Option 3: Swing all you got in a trade for RGIII / Kirk Cousins

Photo via
Photo via

Irony is a funny thing, huh?

After trading the second overall pick to Washington for a barage of other draft picks, situations have gone completely unexpected since then. RGIII has apparently “alienated” himself from the locker room in Washington, leaving many people to think that Kirk Cousins is the best option at quarterback for the Redskins.

So, the Skins have two options. Roll with the current starter and x factor Robert Griffin III despite his team chemistry woes and trade Kirk Cousins, or roll with Cousins and ship off Griffin for a huge load in a trade.

The Rams would likely be willing to take either Cousins or RGIII back in a deal, and would be willing to give up a lot for either of them, since they could be their quarterback of the future.

Option 4: Call Tim Tebow

photo via
photo via

It sounds ridiculous, but in the best defensive division in the league, the Rams may need something different, some X factor to completely throw off the likes of Arizona’s, San Fran’s, and Seattle’s steel wall defenses.

The left handed Heisman winner brings a lot to the table that you cannot teach nor can you defend very well. He is also very underrated as a passer. He is no Tom Brady and not even close to guys like Nick Foles or Alex Smith, but he can still throw the ball short and long.

The biggest thing with Tim Tebow is he is a playmaker, and the Rams need a special part of their offense that can do just that.

Option 5: Trade for Matt Cassel

Matt Cassel has always been a pretty good quarterback. That is it. Just pretty good. But still, do you know who Shaun Hill is? Didn’t think so.

So, with Cassel likely to lose the starting job in Minnesota to rookie Teddy Bridgewater, the Rams should place a call to Minnesota. Cassel could come to his fourth team and get one last shot at proving himself as a starting QB.

Cassel would actually be a great fit for the Rams, and this is likely the most probable option.

Option 6: Trade for Ryan Mallett

A hot trade topic earlier this year and on draft night, Mallett has been cooking behind Tom Brady for some time now. Many GMs and coaches feel that he is talented enough to be given playing time.

Cue the Rams. The Rams could trade 2 draft picks (5th and 6th probably) for Mallett and throw him in a competition with Shaun Hill, of which he would likely win.

Mallett is a young talent who could replace Sam Bradford in the long run if Bradford never truly recovers from what will be his thousandth surgery (exaggeration).

What do you think will happen? What will the Rams do? Leave a reply in the comments section.

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