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Bold Statements in College Football Post Week 2

There have been some shocks, and some things that have been no surprises at all within the first two weeks of college football. Here are some quick recaps and bold statements about what is in store for the rest of the season.

-Texas A&M is the real deal… again

After becoming the sixth quarterback ever in the SEC to pass for over 500 yards in a game, Kenny Hill proved that he is perfectly capable of filling the big shoes that Johnny Manziel left behind in College Station. In week one the Aggies were on top of South Carolina the entire game, as they scored a TD within the first four minutes before finishing the 52-28 rout of the number nine ranked team in the nation. They then took the ninth place in the nation, as they ripped apart an unfortunate Lamar team, as the final score wound up being a jaw dropping 73-3. Although a big win over Lamar doesn’t count toward anything except an easy win, Texas A&M’s win over South Carolina does. If Kenny Hill can keep performing the way he is then I believe that Texas A&M has a good chance at winning the SEC.

-Todd Gurley is the best player in the nation

Although we have only seen him in week 1, what a week one it was. Averaging over 13 yards per carry on 15 carry’s against one of the toughest teams in the ACC is an incredible feat. On top of that he had three total touchdowns, 198 rushing yards, and a kick return that went for 100 yards and the touchdown. Kenny Hill, Everett Golson, and Ameer Abdullah, were other players that stood out to me, but none came close to Gurley. If Gurley can stay healthy then I would say that he has without a doubt the best shot at the Heisman, as well as the Bulldogs acquiring a fair chance of making the playoff.

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-Virginia Tech is the best team in the ACC

After both poor performances by Florida State, and outstanding performances by Virginia Tech, I would say that Tech has the better stock at the moment. Virginia Tech had no problem handling the Buckeyes in the Horse Shoe this past week, where we saw a near loss to Oklahoma State and a lame performance against week competition from Florida State. Michael Brewer is showing he is perfectly capable of leading the Hokies, as he has posted an outstanding QBR of 137.9 in the two games so far, after transferring from Texas Tech to Virginia Tech this past summer. Don’t be surprised if Brewer and Tech take the ACC by surprise this season, especially with an easy schedule as they don’t have to play Clemson, Louisville, or Florida State, who are the other top teams in the conference. If they played Florida State right now, I think that the Hokies could stand their ground against the overrated Seminoles.

-USC, Notre Dame are two of the top teams in the nation

After outstanding performances against some good competition, I think that both USC and Notre Dame have proven themselves as two of the best teams in the nation. Everett Golson for Notre Dame had a Heisman type performance last week against Michigan, where the USC defense proved itself against a very talented Stanford squad. The Fighting Irish held a high power passing offense to zero points, as well as only allowing just 189 yards through the air to one of the top quarterbacks in the Big 10. USC proved that their defense was the real deal, as they handed Stanford a heartbreaking loss on their home turf, only allowing ten points to the reigning Pac 12 champs. We will see how these teams play out for the rest of the season, as both face difficult schedules before playing each other in the last week of the season.

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