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Fantasy Football: Start ‘Em & Sit ‘Em

Start: LeSean McCoy, Adrian Peterson, and Jamaal Charles

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All three had poor opening weeks, all three will turn that around this weekend. These consensus top three picks will get back to their fantasy-matchup winning ways and all put up over 100 yards on the ground.

Sit: Reggie Bush 

Bush put up a poor running effort in week one, but was still active in the passing game resulting in a less than terrible output. Unfortunately, the all purpose back faces up against the Panthers defense in week two, who allowed just 9 yards on 9 carries to Bucs speedster Doug Martin in week one. If you have a better option, or maybe a handcuff like Ahmad Bradshaw or Fred Jackson, roll with them over the USC product.



Start: Julian Edelman and Kendall Wright

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Both of these guys had great week ones and helped their team get the W. Also, they are going up against the secondaries of Minnesota and Dallas, respectively. Expect both to haul in a touchdown and score over 10 fantasy points for sure. Start these two with confidence.



Start: Cam Newton

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Cam didn’t play in week one vs. the Bucs, but he is healthy enough to be slotted to start for week two vs. the Lions. Cam is a top 5 playmaker in this league and will do just that for your fantasy teams against the malleable Lions D.

Newton will be looking to have a big first game after missing his first career game ever just a week ago, so start him.



Sit: Michael Crabtree, Larry Fitzgerald, and Victor Cruz

These older veterans who were once top round fantasy picks now prove to be of little fantasy value until they prove otherwise. All three had awful outings even as the number one receiving options on all their teams. They will all have big games throughout the year, but not enough to warrant a start after their heart-wrenching week one performances.



Sit: Steve Smith, Torrey Smith, Bernard Pierce, and any other Raven

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Going up against a tough Pitt Steel Curtain tonight and in the wake of the biggest NFL headline of the season already (Ray Rice), the Ravens are going to be decimated on Thursday night football.

There is no way Steve Smith Sr. recreates his magical week one, and it is very likely Bernard Pierce recreates his week one (negative fantasy points). Don’t put these guys in your lineups.

Sit: Roddy White, Toby Gerhart, and Alshon Jeffery

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You may not be able to afford sitting one of these guys this week, but this is precautionary. All three are dealing with injuries that, if they even play, will severely limit their production fantasy-wise. Starting these guys may lead to some regret if they post donuts on the box score or spend the whole day on the bench.


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