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NFL: Boring? – Where Are The Stars

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Adrian Peterson. Ray Rice. Jamaal Charles. Eddie Lacy. Arian Foster.

Where are they? Where are their amazing touchdowns, their game changing performances, their highlight reel Sundays, and their winning teams?

Well, we all know where Ray Rice is. His scandal has been one of the most covered sports stories of the 2014 calendar year.

You also probably know that Adrian Peterson, a former 2000+ yard rusher, is also out of the league at the moment. AP, banned. Huh.

What about Jamaal Charles? You mean the injury prone, breakable,  basically glass running back for the Chiefs? Well he is busy getting treated for every injury known to man, so he hasn’t provided us anything this season other than a massive 23 rush yards on seven attempts. Woooooo.

Eddie Lacy? Arian Foster? Also made of glass. Hell, Arian Foster may actually be glass. That guy barely survives a full game in the NFL.

The point here is with the huge amount of injuries, disappointing play, legal trouble, and overall lack of creativity and opportunity, the NFL up to this point has been boring.

Yep, Boring.

How could it be that the most franchised, marketed sports league in America has left it’s viewers bored and unentertained?

It is hard to believe that after this long of waiting for NFL Sundays to finally roll around each week that I can say I am bored. Sure, Andy Dalton catching a TD pass is great, and Johnny Manziel and Browns co. pulling a trick straight from “The Longest Yard” is super cool, but that is it.

There is no fire to games with Minnesota, or Houston, or Green Bay, or Kansas City, or half of the damn teams in the NFL anymore. So many injuries and suspensions have gotten in the way of real, solid, NFL fun.

Also, where are our elite quarterbacks?!

Tom Brady has shown us how you can be called elite and still suck, while Peyton Manning has fantasy owners begging for a more explosive showing. Aaron Rodgers just lost to the Lions, so there is that. Hell, even Drew Brees watched (and helped) his team lose to the Cleveland Browns.

Sure, guys like Andrew Luck, Nick Foles, and Matt Ryan are well on their way to claiming their elite statuses, but nobody really cares about those guys (unless you live in Indianapolis, Philly, or Atlanta).

No, we, the people, want the big guys with the big names, the big arms, and the big numbers. Through week three, the NFL is lacking that.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love that the NFL is back and that my Sundays are filled with nonstop football action. It’s great. But you can’t help but miss the Adrian Peterson 60 yard TD dashes or the Tom Brady bombs to whoever his no name receivers are.

One of the NFL’s greatest attributes is it’s parity. It is always great to see teams like the 2013 Chiefs or the 2014 Texans storm back from abysmal seasons. But this year, it is at an all time high.

The Browns beating the Saints, the Bills having the hottest start in the league, San Diego upsetting the defending champs Seattle, and the Falcons being the NFC’s elite just one year after a season to they’d love to forget all contribute to one unforeseen start to the year.

Maybe I am just looking at it all wrong. Maybe I don’t appreciate the underdogs being contenders enough, or maybe I just miss the oldies like Brian Urlacher. Hey, maybe it is because my fantasy team(s) aren’t doing so hot. I don’t know. I just feel like the NFL season so far is missing something.

Maybe some great week 4 matchups, like Ravens vs. Panthers and Chiefs vs. Patriots, will change my mind.

What do you think? Do you agree that the NFL has lacked it’s usual fire and excitement so far? Leave your opinion in the comments section.

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