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Top 5 NBA Starting Lineups

The NBA season is already upon us and many teams rosters look pretty good. Here is the ranking of the best starting lineups to start the season.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers

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K. Irving, D. Waiters, L. James, K. Love, A. Varejao.

Just look at that lineup and you know they’re the best in the league. Three stars push this team right to the top. However, this team has proven nothing yet, but on paper they have the best lineup in the league. There is no glaring weakness in the starting lineup, Waiters perhaps being the weakest link. This lineup has the potential to be one of the greatest in recent memory if all the pieces mesh together. With the combination of skill and fundamentals in this lineup, they are sure to succeed.

2. San Antonio Spurs

T. Parker, D. Green, K. Leonard, T. Duncan, T. Splitter

Results don’t lie. The Spurs have been one of the most consistently good teams for a long time and their core remains the same. You might argue that they’re all old and that their play will decline. But with one of the best benches in the league, their minutes shouldn’t be an issue and this team should continue to thrive. Kawhi Leonard should be able to embrace a greater role coming of his Finals MVP last season.

3. Golden State Warriors

S. Curry, K. Thompson, A. Igoudala, D. Lee, A. Bogut

The combination of shooting, athleticism, and power in the lineup is what makes it near the top. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are two of the best shooters in the league and will shoot the lights out night after night. Andre Iguodala is and has been one of the most athletic players and best defenders in the league and shouldn’t dip down now. Lee provides skill from the PF spot, and Bogut power down low.  This team looks to gain on its great season last year.

4. Chicago Bulls

D. Rose, J.Butler, M. Dunleavy, P. Gasol, J. Noah

Reason #1: Derrick Rose is back and as explosive as ever. Reason #2: the addition of Pau Gasol to this teams gives the Bulls one of the best 4-5 duos in the league. Jimmy Butler has continued to develop as into one of the best two-way guards in the league and Mike Dunleavy continues to shoot the lights out. And obviously Joakim Noah is Joakim Noah, one of the most passionate and defensively gifted players in the league. All these players together, assuming Rose doesn’t get hurt again (knock on wood), look to make one of the elite starting 5s in the league and compete for the Eastern Conference title.

5. Dallas Mavericks

J. Nelson, M. Ellis, C. Parsons, D. Nowitzki, T. Chandler

This team has transformed a lot since last season.

The trade for Tyson Chandler was one of the most underrated in the league and looks to give the Mavericks that defensive presence down low that they been looking for since he left. Stealing Parsons, from rival Houston, was a great move as well. Parson is one of the best 3s in the league and looks to improve as he has every season. Look for Parson to make the leap this season. Jameer is one of the better veteran guards in the league and has been one of the most clutch shooters from his days on the Magic. Dirk has played, and will continue to play at an outstanding level. And Monta Ellis adds the slashing and microwave scoring ability this team need. Look for the Mavericks to surprise people this year and possibly make a push deep into the playoffs.


*OKC Thunder would have come in on this list if Kevin Durant was healthy, but for now they have been left off.

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