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Complete College Football Playoff Predictions

The College Football Selection Committee has set up College Footballs’ first 4 team playoff and these are the teams.

In my opinion, these teams are great and I amglad no BIG 12 teams made the top 4. —–If you disagree with any statements I make, please comment—–


1. Alabama

Nick Saban has shown us that he is the best coach in College Football before, but the question everyone is asking is whether Alabama deserves this #1 spot in the playoff. Bamas’ only loss this season was to a steamrolling train that goes by the name The Ole Miss Rebels. The Rebels were destroying in their early SEC scheduled games just the run ended   Personally, I think that Bama is the best team in the playoff, but talent from Blake Sims needs to show his skill  in the Sugar Bowl.

2. Oregon

Arizona. The only reason that Oregon isn’t considered the best football team in the Nation is a loss to a team they should have beaten. Oregon had 4 starting offensive linemen out in their first matchup that caused them to lose, knowing Oregons’ offense it is imperative to have their mobile linemen in order to run their offense correctly, the PAC-12 championship game proved to everyone that the first match-up with Zona was a sure win. I’m not trying to cover up their loss or lessen it, but most football fans do not notice/appreciate their teams’ linemen.

3. Florida State

Although Florida State is undefeated they have a sub-par season compared to last year, and have had too many close games against teams they should have blown out, this is the reason why they are not Top 2. It seems that before important games some massive news report is released about something inappropriate that Jameis Winston did, for obvious reasons he gives the Seminoles their best chance to win.

4. Ohio State

Simply wow. Ohio State making the playoff isn’t really a surprise, but at the same time it is. Ohio State had a great season with only one blemish to their season record. The Ohio State strength of schedule helped Ohio State over TCU and Baylor. The one blemish was a loss to Virginia Tech, which was a horrible loss but they made up for it by beating Michigan State and demolishing a good Wisconsin team. The major issue with the Ohio State team is the injury to star QB J.T. Barrett and the ability of backup quarterback Cardale Jones.



Rose Bowl – January 1st, 2015 – Pasadena, California – (2) Oregon vs. (3) Florida State

(Michael Arellano/Emerald)
(Michael Arellano/Emerald)

Pick: Oregon

Score: 35-32

This game will be a tale of offenses if the defensive playmakers do not show up. Oregon has an insane offense; Marcus Mariota is a future 1st round pick that can lead this team to the first ever victory in a College Football playoff game. The Oregon attack the number 3 offense in the country, having over 200 rushing yards per game and almost 300 passing yards. The most interesting stat that I want to bring up is the turnover differential – Oregon is +17 while Florida State has a very meager -3.

If the defenses show up Florida State has a good chance of winning.  In fact, they probably will win. They have a great run defense that can stop Marcus Mariota and the high powered Duck offense. Both of these defenses are very similar, as they rank 29th and 30th in the nation in scoring defense, allowing 22.5-23 points per game. According to, Oregon is the better team (which I agree with), but the Seminoles may be able to pull it out if they stop playing so horribly. 8 of the 13 wins that the Seminoles have were by less then a touchdown, and these close wins were to teams like Boston College, Florida, Miami, and Notre Dame. Personally, it baffles me that Florida State is still undefeated this season. These challengers are not that good and should not have been able to compete with Florida State, but we’ll see which team shows up.


Allstate Sugar Bowl  – January 1st, 2015 -New Orleans, Louisiana – (1) Alabama vs. (4) Ohio State

Photo via
Photo via

Pick: Alabama

Score: 21-17

The bottom line is that Ohio State,with J.T. Barrett injured, is playing their 3rd string quarterback, which forces me to want to pick Bama. I personally don’t care how well Cardale Jones did against a good Wisconsin team in the Big 10 championship, he has not proved himself to me. Therefore I can’t choose Ohio State. If Barrett was playing and didn’t get injured against Michigan two weeks ago, I would without a doubt choose Ohio State. But Jones obviously does not have as much play making ability. Urban Meyer has played Nick Saban three times while he was at Florida, and each time he has come out winless.

Alabama has some big playmakers that standout. The squad has guys like Amari Cooper, T.J. Yeldon and Blake Sims, yet they are just #16 (out of 128 CFB teams) in total offense, while Ohio State is #8. The Bama defense will force Cradale Jones to make bad decisions and turn the ball over. Jones is not a bad quarterback (from what I have seen so far), he just hasn’t played any real competition yet. Nick Saban is going to attack Cradale Jones, and I am prepared to make bets on the amount of mistakes Cardale will make. Over 2 interceptions, for starters.


Championship Game – January 12, 2015, Arlington, Texas – (1) Alabama vs (2) Oregon 

Photo via
Photo via

Winner- Alabama


Say what you want about Oregon’s offense and Marcus Mariota, but a good offense is only as good as their defense. The Oregon defense has many holes in the passing game, ranked 96th in the nation, and the running game, ranked 50th in rush defense in the nation. Oregon has a 81st ranked total defense, while Alabama has a top 15 ranked offense.

On the flip side, Alabama has the 16th total defense against the Ducks’ top 3 overall defense. This matchup is more preferable. Oregon has an insane stat that helps their case when referring who has a stronger offense and ball control: Turnover Differential. Oregon stands at +17, while Alabama stands at -1. This shows that Mariota can protect the ball as well as dish it and spread the field. Mariota has 38 touchdowns in the air, 14 on the ground (52 total) and an astonishing 2 interceptions. But this article isn’t me making a case for Mariota to win the Heisman.

All numbers aside, Marcus Mariota has insane playmaking ability. His speed as well as is arm strength and accuracy make him a X-factor that makes me fear all these predictions are wrong. In this game there we will see two Heisman candidates – Amari Cooper and Marcus Mariota. This shows just how high of a talent level these teams play at. Due to the fact that Oregon and Alabama play in two separate parts of the country in two different conferences, they haven’t played any similar opponents to show who is the better team.

However, I am rolling the dice with the Crimson Tide returning to their beloved championship standards, winning the first ever College Football Playoff.

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  1. The first things I notice are that Wisconsin is better than a “Good” team. They have a Heisman finalist at Rb and had the 2nd ranked defense coming into the Conference Championship game. Next is that Urban Meyer has a 1-2 record against Nick Saban. Last, Oregon may have the 81st ranked defense on paper but anybody that has watched them knows that there isn’t 80 defenses out there that are better. Oregon has beaten multiple teams with better offenses than Alabamas and just completely shut down the #26 offense in the Country and held them to 224 yards of offense (less than half of their average output) totaling only 113 passing yards and 111 Rushing yards. And everybody has seen Alabama’s struggles with up tempo teams and mobile Quarterbacks. I’m not saying The Ducks are a lock to win, but they won’t lose by double digits.

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    • I am sorry sir but i looked at the numbers.
      -Wisconsin is not a top 15 ranked school anymore.
      -Oregon does have the 80th defense according to numbers.
      -And Urban Meyer does have a 0-3 record.

      I implore you do research.


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