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NFL: What’s next for Jim Harbaugh?

Jim Harbaugh has been the coach of the San Francisco 49ers for the past three years and had a solid tenure. He’s coached 47 games and won 36 of them. However, despite all of this there is much speculation the coach will be fired at the end of this season due to factors such as the decline of Collin Kaepernick and the Niners not making the playoffs. There are a lot of places Harbaugh could go. Let’s review his options.


Option 1: He stays in San Fran

This is probably the least likely option. The 49ers have made it abundantly clear they don’t want the coach back even though he still has one year remaining on his current contract. He did experience success with the organization by leading them to a Superbowl in 2013. It is all but certain that he has no shot at a return though.

Option 2: Michigan Wolverines

Harbaugh played college ball at Michigan back in the day from 1985-1986 and found success, leading the team to 21-3-1 record. His family members, especially his father Jack, who once coached at Michigan, are encouraging him to return to Michigan as a coach.

This option is particularly enticing as Michigan has offered Harbaugh 8 million dollars a year to coach their team. Harbaugh, however, could endanger his career as a head coach in the NFL by returning to college.

In doing so, he may further jeopardize his shot at coaching in the pros in the future and maybe taking a “step down” by choosing to go down a level in terms of competition. However we know that he is successful on the collegiate level by observing what he was able to do in his time at Stanford.


Option 3: Chicago Bears

The Bears are almost assuredly going to can incumbent head coach Mark Trestman after the Bears terrible season. The supposed quarterback guru failed to fix Jay Cutler, and Cutler may have even regressed during Trestman’s time as head coach.

Thus, the door is wide open for Harbaugh to take the reins of a great organization. The Bears have a storied history full of many great coaches and players alike.

Maybe it is time for Harbaugh to be one and try to lead the Bears back to respectability. Granted he would have to deal with Jay Cutler and a shoddy defense, but anything is possible.


Option 4: Oakland Raiders

Harbaugh currently resides in the California Bay Area and it makes sense for the coach to find work not too far away from where her currently lives.

It would not be an awful option as the Raiders have shown some promise especially through young quarterback Derek Carr and a recent win over the Buffalo Bills.

It makes sense for Harbaugh to take the job and try to restore respectability to the Silver and Black.


Option 5: Atlanta Falcons

This option is one no one is talking about. It is almost certain that Mike Smith is out next year with the team even if they manage to make the playoffs at 7 and 9.

Harbaugh has proven he knows how to win in the post season, reaching the NFC championship in 2012 and Superbowl in 2013. The Falcons on the other hand have had issues winning after reaching the playoffs.

The Dirty Birds have been a solid team for a few years and have potential. Harbaugh could come in and help this team win right away. Not a bad option.


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  1. None of the above. Chuck Pagano is way to soft and can’t coach players up. Captain Comeback needs to return to the Indianapolis Colts. And coach his Stanford QB Andrew Luck.


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