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Potential Landing Spots for Josh Smith

Now that former NBA All-Defensive Second Teamer Josh Smith has been released by the Pistons, it raises many to ask the question ‘where will he go now?’ Here are several potential landing spots for the veteran power forward.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets

Will the Rockets get the piece they have been trying to get now to accommodate Howard and Harden? Josh Smith could be that piece, as he is a veteran talent who is very gifted on the defensive side of the ball and a lot more effective on offense than Terrance Jones. Even though it isn’t ideal, he is still able to play the small forward spot, something that has been somewhat of a weakness this season for the Rockets after Dallas signed Chandler Parsons. As well as Josh Smith being good pals with D12 down in Houston, there are many arguments for Smith to wind up with the Rockets.

Also, Marc Stein of ESPN reported that Houston is one of the only contenders able to offer J-Smoove a starting spot.

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs front office has been busy lately, most notably for the Rajon Rondo deal they pulled off, and what is to keep them from furthering their Championship hopes by adding Josh Smith? He would add a better post defensive presence than Dirk does currently, as well as being more athletic. However he may become a sixth man if he does sign with Dallas, as Chandler Parsons, Tyson Chandler, and Dirk Nowitzki already hold starting positions at all forward and center spots. Would Smith sign as a sixth man? If he would, then Dallas may be the place to go.

Sacramento Kings

There were rumors early in the season the Kings potentially trading for Josh Smith, so now it will be interesting to see if they pursue him without having to give up any assets.

He would be a good fit in the frontcourt alongside DeMarcus Cousins, and with the Kings, well, its difficult to make them any worse, so it could be considered a low risk move. Also with a potential trade for Deron Williams, the Kings may need Smith to fill a need, as a piece to trade, or a piece to attempt to make the playoffs.  The Kings may be the most likely destination for Smith to sign.

Los Angeles Lakers

Jordan Hill, Ed Davis, and Carlos Boozer is nowhere near an ideal frontcourt for the Lakers. The addition of Smith would help solve their front court woes, as well as give Kobe Bryant a helping hand in carrying the Lakers. Whether it was Shaq, Pau Gasol, or Andrew Bynum, Kobe has always had a big man to help carry the load and win a championship with. Josh Smith might not be the first choice for the Lakers, but with a lackluster frontcourt, and eighth overall pick Julius Randle out for the season, the Lakers may need any asset they can acquire at this point if they want to have any chance at success this season.

Plus, Kobe would appreciate any kind of move that nets his Lakers a quality player.

Miami Heat

As we have seen with Miami in the past few years, they love buying any big name they can get their hands on. Josh Smith would fit that criteria. A front court consisting of both Josh Smith and Chris Bosh would be a huge weapon for the Heat on both sides of the ball, and would give the Heat what they need to compete for the Eastern title yet again. If history repeats itself and Miami is intrigued by the publicity Smith brings to the table, then don’t be surprised to see Josh Smith land here.

Also, Miami has applied to the NBA for a Disabled Player Exception, as Josh McRoberts is out for the season, and could be granted it in time to sign Smith to a solid deal.

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