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NBA: All Underrated Team

As the NBA season draws closer to the halfway point, let’s examine some potential all-stars that nobody is talking about. These guys are completely underrated and playing great basketball as of late.


Point Guard: Jeff Teague

Stats: PPG: 16.6 APG: 6.9 RPG: 2.6 PER: 21.19

Jeff Teague and the Atlanta Hawks as a team have been playing extremely well as of late. The team has played spectacularly, seemingly out of nowhere. Teague has been a big reason why.

He scores a great amount for the team on a nightly basis and has been creating plays with his newfound ability to share the ball.

The team has relied on him on a nightly basis and he has delivered thus far and helped the Hawks on their current hot streak. Teague does not dominate games too often, but he clearly underrated and playing nearly All-Star caliber basketball.

Shooting Guard: Kevin Martin

Stats: PPG: 20.4 APG: 1.9 RPG: 3.7 PER: 21.05

To be fair, Martin does not have a legitimate shot at playing in the All-Star game as he has only played in nine games this season, however he is playing exceptional basketball.

He currently is out with a wrist injury but will be evaluated by team doctors within two weeks.

Martin had a strong start out of the gate for the T-Wolves scoring over 30 points 3 times in his first 8 games. Notably, he had 37 points against the Knicks on November 19.

Martin would be in the All-Star conversation if he was not injured.

Small Forward: Tobias Harris

 (AP Photo/John Raoux)
(AP Photo/John Raoux)

Stats: PPG: 18.6 APG: 2.1 RPG: 7.0 PER: 17.97

Tobias Harris has been a small bright spot on a bad Magic team. He is scoring and rebounding the ball well this year.

Not many people recognize truly how good of a player Harris is. Any player that averages nearly 19 points and seven rebounds per game deserves at least All-Star consideration.

The young player has a high ceiling as he has only played 3 seasons in the NBA since being drafted out of the University of Tennessee.

Harris has a bright future and great things to come. Look out NBA.

Power Forward: Brandan Wright 

Stats: PPG: 8.2 APG: 0.4 RPG: 3.8 PER: 24.78

Brandan Wright does not really come to mind when thinking of a stud at the Power Forward position, but that may change soon.

Wright is quietly playing the second most efficient basketball out of all NBA Power Forwards, behind only Anthony Davis. Wright’s efficiency and potential make him a player to look out for in coming years.

He is not feared by defense like the likes of the Brow are, but he is progressing there.

His efficient play make him someone to look out for in the future, maybe even next season.

Center: Tyson Chandler

Stats: PPG: 11.1 BPG: 1.4 RPG: 11.9 PER: 22.26

Tyson Chandler has played some fine basketball this year. He is averaging a solid double-double and boasts a high player efficiency rating.

He takes smart shots and is a glass eater. His work on the defensive end is tremendous even if it does not appear on the stat sheet.

This can be seen by his shot blocking ability and his defensive presence in the paint. He has been a key cog for a very talented Mavs team.

Although Chandler is in his 14th season, he is still playing high quality basketball and deserves more respect than he currently garners.


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