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Why Kyle Korver Deserves His First All-Star Bid

Kyle Korver, the sharpshooting starting shooting guard for the Atlanta Hawks, should be an All-Star this year. Often under-rated, he is now getting the attention he deserves around the league and has experienced a renaissance with the Atlanta Hawks.


Kyle is averaging 49.6% from the field and 51.3% from behind the three point line. He started the year off on fire (70% from the field in October) and has since seen his shooting percentage drop to still above average percentages. If Kyle can pick up his FG percentages leading up to the All-Star selection, he should be able to snag a reserve role on the Eastern Conference team.


Korver’s impact on the court is unmistakable and undeniable. When he is in the game, more often then not, he draws multiple defenders onto him, leaving another player somewhere to be open. This aids the Atlanta Hawks in their never ending pursuit for more ball movement, which leads to more open shots and more points.


Korver plays above average defense for a 32 year old shooting guard. He uses his length and quick feet to follow his defenders and influence their shots. Even if it doesn’t show up on the stat sheet (0.7 steals, 0.5 blocks), his presence is felt defensively.


The NBA needs a true 3-point specialist. Now that Ray Allen is in limbo, and still contemplating retirement, Kyle Korver has assumed all duties as the full time 3-Point specialist of the league. The last time a true 3-Point specialist made the All-Star game was in 2011 with Ray Allen. The NBA needs Korver in the All-Star game to keep the tradition of 3-Point specialists alive. The Hawks may not be the most glamorous team (although they are the best team), and Korver may not be the most glamorous player, but the NBA needs to look past what would be the popular choice and instead choose the right choice.


*All stats via!/2594/stats/*

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