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NFL: Why the Carolina Panthers Will Win the Superbowl


It’s an immeasurable quantity in pro sports. Yet, somehow it has played a role for several Superbowl-winning teams in the past years.

Look no further than the 2012 Ravens, 2011 Giants, the 2010 Packers, and so on. All those seemingly unrelated teams had one thing in common, momentum.

Each one of those teams snuck into the playoffs as afterthoughts. Teams that played them planned ahead for the next game. Nobody expected any of them to make it past the first round of the playoffs in their respective years.

Yet, despite all odds, those teams won the Superbowl. Most recently in 2012, the Ravens had 15-1 odds to win it all, the least out of every team in the playoffs that year.

But, the team got hot and played for their captain and future hall-of-fame Linebacker, Ray Lewis. Their team persevered and won the most coveted accolade in the most popular league in American professional sports.

It’s not the stats or the gaudy superstars that propelled those teams to sports immortality, but their grit, determination, and most importantly momentum.

This year two of the hottest teams square off in the divisional round of the NFC playoffs. The mighty Seahawks and their feared legion of boom, versus the Panthers. The team that in Week 12 had 3 wins. 3.

Virtually no one believes the Panthers will advance past this round except for the Carolina faithful. They are playing the Legion of Boom. They are supposed to lose.

They made the playoffs with a losing record and beat the ice-cold Cardinals who have no offense. However, the Panthers are riding a 6 game win streak (including the postseason) and are ready to wreak havoc and put the league on notice.

This week the underdog Panthers will show the whole NFL what they are made of. Ron Rivera’s squad has nothing to lose. They are not supposed to be here.

Whose to say they can’t knock off the defending champs?

Whose to say they won’t stay hot and win it all?

Look out NFL. Charlotte is in it to win it, and this year this Panthers team will enshrine themselves in football immortality when they win the Superbowl.


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