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What Is Peyton Manning’s Future?

In the 2011 offseason Peyton Manning signed a 5 year/$96,000,000 with$ 58,000,000 guaranteed. Peyton turns 39 years of age on March 24th. This mean the Broncos have an important question to ask themselves: do they want to keep Peyton for the 2015 AND 2016 seasons?

Peyton was no doubt a elite quarterback with the Broncos, over the past 3 years Peyton has averaged 4,954 yards and 44 touchdowns a season. However, vver the next two seasons, the Broncos would have to pay Peyton $19,000,000 and $2,500,000 per year. Is he worth that much?

Questions for The Broncos and John Elway

Is Peyton Manning still an ELITE quarterback? 

Answer: Peyton has at least 1 more year as an ELITE quarterback but definitely not more than 3 years.

How torn is Peyton Manning’s right quad?

Adam Shefter of ESPN reported that Peyton has played with a torn right quad for the last month of the season. This could be an excuse as to why they lost their playoff game in the divisional round or a preface to what could be a nasty ending to Peyton Manning’s NFL career.

The main concern here is that his quad injury will be similar to his neck injury. Peyton sat out a whole year due to his neck issue, and was subsequently “kicked” off the Colts and replaced with Andrew Luck.

How many more years are you planing on keeping him on the payroll?

The Broncos have shown a lot of confidence in Brock Osweiler, despite not letting him play. They have put pressure on Osweiler to learn as much as he can from Peyton while he still can.

Peyton is supposed to make $21,500,000 (base + bonus) a year for the next two years. Brock Osweiler, on the other hand, has one year left on his contract and makes $1,118,944 for that year.

Cutting Peyton and playing Brock would save the Broncos $20,000,000 in cap space which could mean that in the future they can sign big name players, such as Ndamukong Suh.

How far along in development is Brock Osweiler and is he the answer? 

The Broncos obviously love Brock, as they spent a 2nd rounder on him and he has spent 3 seasons with the Broncos. Osweiler has had a huge assignment over the last 3 years, with the Broncos having told him to watch Peyton and learn. The main issue with this is that fans have not seem him play much other then pre-season games.

Peyton Manning has never had the strongest arm but he has a high football I.Q. and is extremely accurate. Brock has shown major strength and short bursts of pin-point accuracy, but is he the right answer for Broncos over Peyton OR after Peyton?

Will Peyton Manning retire?

I personally don’t think he will unless his quad becomes worse then it already is, but this is definitely a possibility. Manning is basically a senior citizen in football terms, he’s a 38 year old going on 39.

Unanswered Questions

Why would Peyton play with a torn right quad?

Was he planning on ending the season and retiring?.

Or is it a minor tearing?

Is the $43,000,000/2yr contract worth it for a 38 year old?

  • Any chance for a contract reduction?

What would be worth more?

  • Keeping Manning for $43,000,000/2yr


  • Brock Osweiler $1,118,944/yr


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