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Buying or Selling Latest NBA Trade Rumors

We are less than a month a way from the NBA trade deadline. There is rampant speculation of many possible trade scenarios. Below, I will break down the biggest potential deals and whether they will occur (buying means they do, selling means they don’t).


Brook Lopez: From Brooklyn to Houston, OKC, etc

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Stats: PPG: 15.2 BPG: 1.7 RPG: 6.2 PER: 20.12

Lopez is having a down year by his standards but is still a more than serviceable NBA big man. He has great scoring ability and underrated defensive skills (1.7 blocks per game).

However, Lopez is struggling to rebound the ball and he as $16.7 million cap hit in 2015.

Lopez is likely shipped out of Brooklyn due to this huge cap hit and his lack of work on the glass. His numbers do not really warrant his large deal and its probably smart for the Nets to unload his massive deal and reel in some talent in return.

Verdict: Buy

Lance Stephenson out in New Orleans?


Stats: PPG: 9.9 APG: 4.7 RPG: 6.3 PER: 10.03

It’s really no secret that Lance Stephenson is struggling this year. After a free agency period in which he was heavily sought after, Stephenson has not paid dividends for his new Hornets team.

This has stirred up talk that the young 2-Guard will be shipped off as he seems to be in need of a new start.

The thing with Stephenson is he may not actually be that good. His career PPG of 9.2 is not really eye popping and his PER of 10.03 is just ugly.

Lance needs a fresh start and the Hornets seems to be fed up with him.

Verdict: Buy

Reggie Jackson’s time run out in OKC?


Stats: PPG: 14.4 APG: 4.7 RPG: 4.1 PER: 15.58

After a hot start to the 2014-15 campaign, Reggie Jackson has cooled off in a big way.

He’s averaging only 10 points per game in his last ten games and that is mostly due to the arrival of Dion Waiters.

Jackson is in the final year of his deal with the Thunder and is unlikely to be resigned. Therefore, they may try to get something out of the promising youngster.

The problem is, he has been cold lately and there may not be much of a market for his services. Plus, the Thunder do not seem to be shopping him to extensively.

Verdict: Sell

Nik Stauskas


Stats: PPG: 3.6 APG: 0.7 RPG: 1.0 PER: 5.53

Seems like just last draft Nik Stauskas was a coveted lottery pick of the Kings…. Oh wait. He was.

Apparently the Kings are fed up with the youngster and are ready to dump him so early in his pro career.

With the emergence of Ben McLemore, they are happy to dump Stauskas for the right price.

Rumors speculate, they could be looking for picks in compensation which they may not get and his value really his sky high right now.

Sure his numbers don’t pop out at you off the page but he’s just a rookie! I don’t think the Kings will get their price, however, on Stauskas.

Verdict: Sell


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