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The Evolution Of The Marshawn Lynch Interview

Marshawn Lynch is infamous for his refusal to interview and meet with media.

He even garnered himself a ridiculous $100,000 fine. That is way too much money for Lynch to continually refuse to meet with the media.

So, as they say “if you can’t beat them join them.” Lynch did that in his own way….

The famous “yeah” interview. He answered 22 questions in a simple 50 words!

The media has not had success since then in breaking Lynch. However, they did get him up to two words with his “I’m Thankful interview.”

After all of this lack of success, some felt getting straight answers from “Beast Mode” was impossible up until the one thing he loves as much as the game of football came calling, Skittles.

Skittles and Lynch conducted possibly the most hilarious interview of all-time and it is definitely worth a watch at least twice:

Lynch Capped off today’s media coverage of the Super Bowl with a classic Lynch move.

I wonder why Lynch is here?

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