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Top Sleepers in May’s NFL Draft

With the draft still a ways out, it isn’t too early to start thinking about the players that may be picked late and become stars that no one expected. Here are a few guys that could prove to be worthy of a much higher pick than where they are projected to go now.

Sammie Coates makes a challenging catch against LSU defensive back Photo via:
Sammie Coates makes a challenging catch against LSU defensive back
Photo via  Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics

Sammie Coates, WR, Auburn

Coates could be one of the better receivers out of this draft class if he is given the opportunity. He is tall and muscular, which makes him hard to bring down in the open field. His style of play resembles that of a more disciplined Josh Gordon. He is a big play threat on every play, and has the ability to get open with ease. He is most likely to fall somewhere in the second or third round, and would fit best with the Browns, Colts, or Texans.

Jeremy Langford, RB, Michigan State

It is shocking that Langford is not catching the eye of more teams, especially after how former Michigan State running back, Le’Veon Bell turned out. He ran the fastest 40 yard dash time out of all the running backs, and equal times to big names like Amari Cooper. He is a threat in the passing game, and works extremely well after the catch. He will most likely be a third rounder, however it would not be a shock if a team takes it as soon as the early second round. He would best fit on the Saints, Lions, or Broncos.

Mike Hull, LB, Penn State

Hull is one of the best openfield tacklers in the draft, who happens to fall due to his below average play at the line of scrimmage. He was the anchor of the Penn State defense this past season, and was third in the NCAA in total tackles. His best performance was agarinst the Ohio State Buckeyes, a game in which he recorded 19 tackles and almost helped grant a loss to the most recent national champions. He is most likely going to be a fifth round pick, and would make the most sense going to the Patriots, Jaguars, or Raiders.

Josh Robinson, RB, Mississippi State

Last season Robinson was a tank coming out of the backfield, but had the speed to bust loose for big gains for the Bulldogs. He resembles the play of Peyton Hillis in his prime with the Browns; a difficult back to bring down, yet can still play as an every down back, unlike some larger running backs. He was overshadowed some by Dak Prescott, but was just as effective as Prescott on a lethal Mississippi State offense. He is most likely going to wind up going in the fifth or sixth round, and would be the best fit with the 49ers, Packers, or Vikings.

Gerod Holliman, S, Louisville

It is absurd that a player that tied the NCAA record with 14 interceptions would be considered a sleeper, yet somehow Holliman is. Last season he was the winner of the Jim Thorpe award for the best defensive back in the nation; an award in which nine of the past ten winners were selected in the first round when they were drafted, including several top ten selections. He was also a unanimous All American selection, as he played most of the season trying to fill the shoes of Calvin Pryor. Holliman excels at making plays on the ball, and is strongest suited in zone coverage. He will most likely be a second or third round pick, and would fit best with the Steelers, Bengals, or Texans.


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