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Draft Day: NFL Mock Draft

April 30th marks the 80th NFL Draft, there are many top picks and the only question is who will take them. I have all the answers, of course.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jameis Winston, Florida State

Photo via Fox Sports
Photo via Fox Sports

Winston is my number one overall pick because he is the most pro-styled  QB in this draft. Winston is definitely not a perfect player off the field but  he has shown major abilities.

Other possibilities: Trading pick to Saints for Drew Brees and more picks.

2. Tennessee Titans- Marcus Mariota, Oregon

 (AP Photo/Ryan Kang)
(AP Photo/Ryan Kang)

Earlier this year there were reports that the Titans had interest in keeping Zach Mettenberger to be their starter for the foreseeable future, but I doubt that the Titans front office would pass up on such raw talent that is Marcus Mariota.

Other possibilities: None

3. Jacksonville Jaguars- Leonard Williams, USC

Leonard Williams is the projected number 2 pick in this years draft by many analysts photo via
Leonard Williams is the projected number 2 pick in this years draft by many analysts.
photo via

The Jags needed an offensive lineman going into free agency and came out with a very promising OL. With a stronger OL the Jags need to have improve their DL in order to be competitive next season. Williams will bring versatility to the defensive line of the Jags and will prove to be a workhorse.

Other possibilities: Amari Cooper may be picked if the Jags choose to reinforce the offensive side of the ball. Having Cooper will help Ryan Tannehill grow more as a quarterback and with the lose of Mike Wallace over the off-season Kenny Stills needs help to keep the passing game strong.

4. Oakland Raiders- Amari Cooper, Alabama

Photo via
Photo via

Cooper has the talent to be picked by any team from picks 3-10. In my opinion the Raiders will have the biggest use of Cooper. Derek Carr is an emerging QB for the Raiders has the ability to become great if he can find the correct target to boost the offense.

Other possibilities: Leonard Williams may be picked here if the Jags choose Cooper. Williams and Cooper seem to be interchangeable depending on the previous pick.

5. Washington Redskins- Dante Fowler Jr. , Florida

Courtesy of Gamedayr
Courtesy of Gamedayr

The ‘Skins have lost Brian Orakpo but Fowler does not fit a direct need. The ‘Skins have Ryan Kerrigan and Kent Murphy who are strong edge rushers, but Fowler Jr. is by far the best player left on the board and the Redskins can use Fowler Jr. to create a skull-crushing defense.

Other possibilities: Trading down, the Redskins might consider trading down in order to have more picks for this draft and future drafts.

6. New York Jets- Shane Ray, Missouri

The Jets have to rebuild their defensive attack in order to have the ability to be a force in the AFC East. On many boards Shane Ray has dropped a few spots due to a drug test taken while he was an underclassman at Missouri. Ray will be an impact defender on a Jets team that needs rebuilding.

Other possibilities: Kevin White, The Jets may choose to go with the next best WR to build their offensive attack.

7.  Chicago Bears- Danny Shelton, Washington

The old-school Bears are known for imposing defenses and were an example of how defense wins championships. Shelton will help be shut down running holes, he is not much of a pass rusher. This is a steal for the Bears – Shelton has shown massive strength and play-making ability.

Other possibilities: Vic Beasley, DE/OLB – The same could be said for Beasley. I guess the top six of this draft will be  Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Leonard Williams, Dante Fowler, Cooper and Beasley in some order. The Bears have a lot of options here, they could go with the next available WR, which would be Kevin White. The Bears may also choose to trade down and build up a lot of picks to build their team.

8. Atlanta Falcons- Vic Beasley, Clemson

The Falcons have an obvious chink in the armor that is their defense. This chink is the OLB and outside rushing. Last year the Falcons lacked any pass rush or pass pressure ability and Beasley will fix this issue.

Other possibilities: Todd Gurley, The Falcons are in dire need of a RB and Gurley is by far the strongest RB in this draft.

9. New York Giants- Brandon Scherff, Iowa

Scherff played OT while at Iowa, but I believe he will excel at the OG position for the Giants. The Giants have had an issue protecting Manning the past couple seasons and I believe Scherff will help fix this issue.

Other possibilities: Trading up. The Giants may trade up to pick Amari Cooper or Vic Beasley. When it comes to OG there is another option Ereck Flowers, I think Scherff is the better of the two but Flowers is still an option.

10. St. Louis Rams- Andrus Peat, Stanford

The Rams are in need of protection up front for Nick Foles. Peat on the line with Greg Robinson (last year’s 1st round pick) will give Foles are strong ability to succeed in the new offense.

Other possibilities: Brandon Scherff is a possibility if the Giants take Ereck Weathers. Scherff is more versatile then Peat when it come to the playing multiple positions.

11. Minnesota Vikings- Kevin White, West Virginia

The Vikings have acquired Mike Wallace, but Wallace has shown that he has issues fitting in with his teammates and tends to abandon them. White is the 2nd best WR in this draft and he will go in the top 15.

Other possibilities: Todd Gurley: if the Vikings get a good offer for Adrian Peterson, Gurley may be an option with this pick.

12. Cleveland Browns- DeVante Parker, Louisville

Parker is the 3rd WR in this draft but he is also projected to be a top 15 pick that will make him a very popular option from picks 10-20. If the Browns stick with Johnny Manziel or Josh McCown, Parker will help the offense and be a weapon in the slot.

Other possibilities: TRADE UP, The Browns may trade up to draft Marcus Mariota. Manziel may not be the correct answer for the Browns offense.

13. New Orleans Saints- Bud Dupree, Kentucky

A talented but inconsistent player. Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will accept the challenge. Bud Dupree has shown that he can be a force on the edge as a rusher and as a pass protector.

Other possibilities: Trae Waynes is a option for the Saints. The CB position in New Orleans has been weak and Waynes will help the depth.

14. Miami Dolphins- Todd Gurley, Georgia

The Miami Dolphins have seemed to give up on Lamar Miller because he has not proven to be a every down back. Gurley has become a very popular pick but the only question is which team will take the chance on him when it seems like running backs are a dime a dozen in this league.

Other possibilities: DeVante Parker or Trae Waynes may be the pick here if they are available.

15. San Francisco 49ers- Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest

The 49ers lost two starting cornerbacks this offseason, as Chris Culliver and Perrish Cox have moved on to different teams. This has created a massive void at the cornerback position, which will need to be addressed early in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Other possibilities: Arik Armstead and any available WR will be a good pick for the 49ers who need DL and WR help.

16. Houston Texans- Arik Armstead, Oregon

Armstead has shown promise as an great DL. The Texans have shown that even though they spent a pick last year on a DL it did not really help. The technique of Amsted paired with JJ Watt would be unstoppable.

Other possibilities: Todd Gurley or trade down. There is a good chance that if Todd Gurley is not available the Texans may trade down to stockpile draft picks.

17. San Diego Chargers- Ereck Flowers, Miami

Flowers and Scherff have shown to be equal enough to be considered similar OT/OG but Scherff has been the chosen as the better one. Flowers is a close second and will still go top 20.

Other possibilities: Perhaps Todd Gurley or trading away Phillip Rivers for a new quarterback.

18. Kansas City Chiefs- Cameron Erving, Florida State

Erving is making a transition from LT to C and the has shown to raise his draft stock. Erving has the ability to play all positions on the line and Chiefs view this as versatile enough to use a 1st round pick on. The Chiefs need help with the interior of their line and Erving will help.

Other possibilities: La’el Collins has been dropping off people’s boards very quickly but if he is still in consideration the Chiefs will look into him.

19. Cleveland Browns- D.J. Humphries, Florida

Humphries looks good around the 15-20 range but there are many many capable OTs in this draft. Humphries will allow the Browns to move their current LT to LG in order restore the interior line.

Other possibilities: This pick may be traded in order to make a run for Mariota or Winston.

20. Philadelphia Eagles- Byron Jones, UConn

It’s obvious that the Eagles desperately need a CB and if Trae Waynes is off the board Jones will be their man. It would be smart for the Eagles getting a CB unless they use this pick to trade up.

Other possibilities: Trade away to contend for Mariota or Winston or Trae Waynes.

21. Cincinnati Bengals- Breshad Perriman, Central Florida

Perriman has a vast amount of speed on the perimeter. He is a deep-threat with soft hands that stands at around 6’3″. Perriman is best available WR at this point in the draft and the Bengals need to give AJ Green some help on the perimeter and having another threat on the team.

Other possibilities: Dorial Green-Beckham. Green-Beckham has shown insane immaturity and weakness with communication, but the Bengals might use this pick to snag him.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers- Randy Gregory, Nebraska

There has been large amounts of media speculation about Randy Gregory but I believe the Steelers will use this pick to rebuild the defense and strengthen the outside rush. Gregory was initially projected to be a top 15 pick, but has fallen to the 30-40 range quickly. In my opinion, the Steelers must grab him.

Other possibilities: With the retirement of Troy Polamalu the Steelers may be thinking to rebuild the secondary and get Landon Collins or Byron Jones if he’s still available.

23. Detroit Lions- Eddie Goldman, Florida State

Lets be honest here, the Lions are gonna miss Ndamukong Suh very very badly. The Lions are going to be searching for a replacement and I think Goldman would be the perfect answer to the Lions issues.

Other possibilities: The Lions released Reggie Bush earlier this offseason therefore a running back may be the pick. But I think DT will be a bigger priority.

24. Arizona Cardinals- Malcom Brown, Texas

The Cardinals have lost a lot of DL talent over the last few years. With the recent loss of Darnell Dockett, I think that Brown is the most likely pick for the Cardinals.

Other possibilities: Melvin Gordon could be the workhorse for the Cardinal’s offensive attack but the defense may be a bigger priority.

25. Carolina Panthers- Shaq Thompson, Washington

The Panthers need defensive help in order to become winners in the NFC South again. Thompson will give them much needed help in the LB and S depth for the Panthers. Thompson is a skilled pass rusher and a big hitter, making him a top prospect.

Other possibilities: With the plethora of great OT talent in this draft the Panthers go with the highest available exterior lineman in order to insure Cam Newton for a couple for years.

26. Baltimore Ravens- Phillip Dorsett, Miami

The Ravens need to help out Joe Flacco and upgrade the WR position. The Ravens are in dire need of a strong offensive weapon and Dorsett seems to be there guy. Torrey Smith left the Ravens and Steve Smith is aging quick so the Ravens need to rebuild the WR position.

Other possibilities: The Ravens may choose to go with a RB in order to insure a balance attack.

27. Dallas Cowboys- Jalen Collins, LSU

If Kevin Johnson or Byron Jones are available I expect the Cowboys to pick them but Jalen Collins seems to fit the Cowboys. The Cowboys need help a Corner and Collin will add enough depth to improve a weak secondary. However, his recent draft stock may have fallen off the charts, in a bad way, with reports of police needing to investigate him for a murder.

Other possibilities: Any other/better S or CB that is available.

28. Denver Broncos- T.J. Clemmings, Pittsburgh

There is no way the Broncos do not draft a OT. Peyton Manning was basically limited to playing with one leg for the whole postseason ruining their chances of winning the Super Bowl. Long story short the Broncos need to keep an aging old man healthy and save over the course of a long season and any OT would help them do that.

Other possibilities: The Broncos may trade this pick in order to receive more picks down the road to rebuild after the Peyton Manning era.

29. Indianpolis Colts- Landon Collins, Alabama

Landon Collins was once projected to be top 5, then top 10, and somehow he has dropped all the way to top 40. I think it would a no-brainer for the Colts to pick him up here. Collins has big hit and big play ability that will help an undoubtedly weak safety corps.

Other possibilities: A OL, the Colts need to protect their investment that is Andrew Luck.

30. Green Bay Packers- Eric Kendricks, UCLA

Kendricks is absolutely perfect for the Packers. The Packers need a ILB that can cover, run and hit and Kendricks is their guy. With the versatility and ability of Kendricks it will allow Clay Mathews to have more of a presence and will make the LB core very deep.

Other possibilities: Any defensive playmaker

31. New Orleans Saints- Jaelen Strong, Arizona State

The Saints need help at WR and Strong will help. This draft has a very deep and skillful class of WR and Strong is diamond in the rough when it comes to raw potential. Plus, they just shipped off Kenny Stills.

Other possibilities: There is a chance this pick is traded to contend for Mariota and/or Winston

32. New England Patriots- Cedric Ogbuehi, Texas A&M

Obviously the Patriots won the Super Bowl last year but I believe the OL could a little work. Ogbuehi is a very large OL from Texas A&M and he will be a great addition to protect the aging QB that is Tom Brady. You can never have too much protection.

Other possibilities: WR, The Patriots may go out to find a playmaker in this large class of WRs.

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