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Red Carded: How We Can Help Remove The 2022 FIFA World Cup From Qatar

On May 13th of 2014, ESPN aired an “E-60,” detailing the processes by which Nepalese workers were migrated to Qatar in hope of employment, while being treated like slaves. This report by Jeremy Schaap and ESPN, angered FIFA and the Qatari government. Going behind the backs of ESPN, FIFA gave 2026 World Cup broadcasting rights to Fox without a bidding process.

First off, I love soccer. As a viewer and a participant, it is like no other. The FIFA World Cup is by far the most majestic sporting event in the world. Last summer in Brazil, over 20 million people watched Germany break the hearts of Lionel Messi and Argentina in the Finale. As a fan, it is extremely difficult to stand up against an amazing competition and the organization which controls it. If the 2022 FIFA World Cup is indeed hosted in Qatar, it will be difficult for the average fan to enjoy the “Beautiful Game,” while thousands of innocent men died to provide the experience.

Photo via Reuters
Photo via Reuters

Standing up against FIFA and the sponsors who support it, I might be a minority. But any individual, regardless of race, religion, or wealth, can fight back. Here is how YOU can make a difference:

1. Emailing Corporate Sponsors: Recently on Reddit, user /u/bakhesh posted a listing of FIFA’s  Main Sponsors. With  companies such as Kia, Adidas, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds. They will not be able to maintain a suitable image while supporting an organization such as FIFA. So far, responses have been given by KIA UK and VISA. If in 24 hours, we are able to obtain responses from Kia and Visa, imagine what we are capable of. I will post the list of emails below. When emailing these companies, be mature. They’ll be much more likely to take notice if a point is actually being proven. If you would like to know more about these efforts, feel free to check out the “subreddit” for the Qatar World Cup.

    • Adidas PR Department:
    • UK CEO:
    • Gazprom PR Department:
    • Chairman: Andrei Akimov
    • Hyundai Head of PR: CEO: Bo Shin Seo
    • Kia UK Chairman:
    • McDonald’s PR : CEO Steve Easterbrook
    • Budweiser PR: CEO Carlos Brito
    • Coca-Cola Uk Press office: CEO : Mr Muhtar Kent
    • Visa. CEO Charles W. Scharf Edit: might be better PR Team

2. Petitions and Campaigns: Once again, sponsors will not listen unless there is a strong opposition by their consumer base. Due to the fact we live in the 21st century, uniting against causes is easier than ever before. In 2014, Change helped 5,000 petitions affect their communities in new ways. To fight against the 2022 World Cup, you can sign the petition here. If you would like to help share a global social media campaign, click here. If used effectively, our social circles will lead to an exponential growth of awareness.

3. Government Intervention: The above video is 48 minutes long, but it does an excellent job profiling FIFA President, Sepp Blatter and how Qatar was able to attain the 2022 World Cup.  The video also revealed that the FBI is conducting an investigation against Blatter and bribes given to FIFA officials in return for a Qatari vote. According to unknown sources, Blatter is afraid to visit America due to the possibility of being arrested. America is Blatter’s biggest threat. If we are able to get American politicians on board with the campaign against Qatar, there is no reason to why the 2022 World Cup would actually be played on Qatari soil.

Thank you for reading, PLEASE take action against the sponsors and FIFA. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe or comment down below. If you have any questions, feel free to tweet at me

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