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Down The Stretch: MLB Playoff Predictions

Check up weekly as ISH updates their playoff picture predictions.

AL East: Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays have been incredible since acquiring Troy Tulowitzki and David Price. They have won 9 straight games and have cut the Yankees lead to .5 games in the division. I expect the Jays to catch the Yanks and eventually run away with the division.

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AL Central: Kansas City Royals:

The Royals are in total control in their division. They currently hold a 12 game lead in the Central and nobody is going to catch them. The only thing the Royals have left to play for is maintaining the number 1 seed in the AL and having home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

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AL West: Houston Astros

The Astros currently hold a 1 game lead on the Angels. Both teams are struggling right now. The Astros cannot win on the road, but neither can the Angels. I believe the Astros will get it together and make the playoffs for the first time since 2005.

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Wildcards: Angels and Yankees

The Angels and the Yankees fought for first place in their divisions all year. I see the Astros and Blue Jays pulling away though, but the Angels and Yankees will win enough games to make the wild card playoff.

NL East: New York Mets

The Mets are on fire right now and the Nationals are struggling to win games. The Mets hold a 2.5 game lead and I expect the Mets to hold their ground in first place and make the playoffs, a rarity in today’s MLB.

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NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals

The Cards are in total control of their division even though the Pirates are playing great ball also. If the Cardinals don’t make the World Series, the season should be considered a disappointment – there are high stakes for St. Louis.

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NL West: San Francisco Giants 

The Giants look poised to make the playoffs in an odd year! The defending World Champs are coming on strong and I believe they will catch the Dodgers in the NL West.

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Wildcards: Pirates and Cubs

The Pirates and the Cubs are two of the hottest teams in baseball at the moment. Unfortunately the Cardinals are too far away to catch, so both of the teams will have to settle for wild card spots.


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