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Insane Scenarios to Watch Out for In The NFL

Before I begin and you start judging my sports knowledge I would just like to say this: I enjoy writing about sports, a lot. However what fun is it to write what everyone else is writing about? So I came up with the five craziest scenarios that I could actually make an argument for and threw them all together to make this article. So without further ado, judge away.

Randy Moss to Panthers

The Panthers have lost their number one receiver for the year now in Kelvin Benjamin. They have also missed opportunities to sign players such as Reggie Wayne or Andre Johnson, both veteran receivers that were available earlier in the offseason. So why not reach into the retirement home and snag Randy Moss?

Moss is currently residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, and announced that he may in fact not be done with football after all.

If Moss does make a return, it would make a lot of sense to stay in Charlotte; he fills a need and would be the number one receiver on the Panthers, he stays close to his recently established ‘Randy Moss Academy’ as well as his son who currently plays for Mallard Creek High School in Charlotte, as well as just simply staying close to home.

Randy Moss would serve as an excellent mentor to young receivers Devin Funchess and Corey Brown, and should strengthen the team’s receiving core through setting an example for how to be a great receiver.

His size as well is an ideal fit in Carolina. Being tall is typically a useful thing for a receiver, but it is a trait almost necessary to have when Cam Newton is throwing the ball to you. Newton has been notorious for throwing high throughout his NFL career.

Moss would draw more attention at the line of scrimmage, allowing for less pressure to be on Jonathon Stewart who will be getting a large amount of carries this season. This will also help Stewart stay healthy and be more productive, considering teams will need to play their corners on Moss instead of bringing them up for run support.

So all in all, there are many teams in need of receivers after losing one to injury or free agency (Texans, Packers, Bears), however I believe that if Randy Moss decides to return then there is no better fit for a team or for Moss than there is in Carolina.

Tim Tebow to start in Philly

Tebow gets no love from the NFL.

He started one season with the Denver Broncos, and he managed to carry them all the way to the second round of the playoffs. Yet despite this forgotten fact, he has been warming the bench for numerous teams the past several seasons, and last season became a college football analyst for ESPN.

Now Tebow finds himself as the third stringer in Philadelphia. So how will he get the start you ask? Here is how.

Sam Bradford (ironically stole the Heisman from Tebow in college) is the starter for the Eagles currently; Bradford has also torn his ACL practically every year he has been in the league. So Bradford being one of the highest injury risks in the NFL, is certainly no guarantee to make it through the season.

Let’s say Bradford does end up getting injured like everyone suspects he will. Who comes in to save the day? Da Dada Da, Mark Sanchez! Sanchez ironically started in front of Tebow in New York, where despite how god awful Sanchez performed, Tebow was never given the opportunity to start.

However, Sanchez is notorious for making awful plays (remember the butt fumble?), and in Philadelphia that certainly doesn’t sit well with the fans (although nothing really does). So let’s imagine this game where Philly is playing at home with Bradford sidelined with an injury and Sanchez having just thrown his second interception of the game; the fans will want Tebow, and they should for several reasons.

Tebow is a great fit in Chip Kelly’s offense. It will allow them to run the option that they ran so well during the very short Michael Vick era, something that works efficiently and is enjoyable for the fans to watch.

Tebow is also a name everyone recognizes. Most of the time fans won’t want their third stringer to come in simply because they are unfamiliar with the player. Everyone in Philly knows Tebow though, and if Sanchez is performing poorly then they will let Chip Kelly know that.

Here is where Tebow will get his opportunity. Being backed by one of the best offensive lines in football, as well as having one of the best running backs in the backfield with him, Tebow is sure to succeed more in Philly than anywhere else in the NFL.

Chargers to come out with best defense in the league

The Chargers are not a team that typically is thought of as having one of the elite defenses in the NFL, however this year we could see them compete with the Seahawks as one of the best defenses out there.

For the past several seasons the Chargers have made it a priority of seeking out and drafting young talent, and reinforcing that talent by signing a number of veteran players, and now they are at the point where that young talent is at their peak potential.

Corey Liuget, Manti Te’o, Melvin Ingram, Donald Butler, Kendall Reyes, Jerry Attaochu, and Jason Verrett are all developed talent that will all be serious threats to opposing offenses. However these aren’t the only pieces that will lead to the Chargers’ success this season.

A group of very good veteran players also comes in to assist the youth on this team. Eric Weddle and Brandon Flowers along with recently departed Dwight Freeney have helped develop the young talent on this team to be elite.

The Chargers are not going to have anyone who will be the best at their position or anything of the sorts, however they are going to be very good at almost every position, and unlike teams like the Seahawks they have depth. Rookie Denzel Perryman and second year player Ryan Carrethers both have a lot of potential to be solid players on this defense.

So the Chargers may not have the defensive superstars that the Chiefs or Seahawks have, however they have gotten so much better this past offseason and are healthy, two things that can come together to make an elite defense much like the Panthers two seasons ago.

Joseph Randle to lead the league in rushing

Who is Joseph Randle you may ask. Last season Randle backed up the league’s leading rusher in DeMarco Murray, averaging 6.7 yards per carry off of 51 carries last season. This will be his third season in the league after coming out of Oklahoma State.

Joseph Randle is coming into the starting role with the best offensive line in football. Last season we saw how far DeMarco Murray could run before even being touched by a defender; this season it should be the same for Randle.

Also note that when I say he could lead the league in rushing, I do not mean in any fashion that he is the most talented running back. But two things he is going to get in Dallas are carries and blocking, and both of those things can turn any running back into one of the top rushers in the league.

Plus with a lot of focus being on Dez Bryant and up-and-comer, Cole Beasley, safeties will need to be concentrating on those two instead of stopping the run.

Joseph Randle may not be the fastest or the strongest running back in the NFL, however he has the most tools to give him success.

Kansas City to make Super Bowl appearance

Kansas City is coming into the season owning many players that could be argued to be the best at their position. Jamaal Charles, Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Eric Berry, Dontari Poe, Derrick Johnson, and Sam Smith are all players that are locks for being top ten at their given position.

With so much star talent, the Chiefs should always be considered one of the best teams in the league, but for some reason they are not, the only reason being their passing game.

Last season Kansas City managed to go an entire season without a wide receiver making a touchdown catch. This makes Alex Smith look bad, however I blame it on the receivers themselves. Kansas City made it a priority over the offseason to upgrade that position, and they did through the signing of former Eagles’ standout, Jeremy Maclin. However one of the more unknown reasons for their success this season will be from second year player De’Anthony Thomas.

Thomas showed his potential as a big time play maker last season in his special teams play, and this season should serve a much bigger role in the Chiefs’ offense. He will be able to play in the slot as a receiving option, but will also get a fair share of designed screens, sweeps, and pitches to keep teams on their toes.

Of course a healthy Jamaal Charles is the key piece for Kansas City, but even if he misses a few games, they have a very good and proven backup in Knile Davis.

The Chiefs will not only be fun to watch this season, they will be a serious threat to any team they play, and could be in the running for a super bowl.

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