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NFL Primetime: Top 5 Thursday, Sunday, & Monday Night Games

Thursday Night:

Week 5: Colts @ Texans

The Houston Texans proved last year that they can compete for the division title in the AFC South. If the Texans beat the Colts in the early season showdown, it could set the tone for the Texans to dethrone the Colts. Andre Johnson will also make his return to Houston for the first time since leaving the team that drafted him in 2003.

Week 7: Seahawks @ 49ers

The Seahawks travel to the Bay Area to face off with their division rival. The Niners struggled last year, but look to bounce back with new head coach Jim Tomsula. If the Seahawks win this game, expect the division to be all but decided before the halfway point in the season.

Week 10: Bills @ Jets

Rex Ryan and the Bills will travel to Metlife Stadium to face his former team. Can Rex win at the place he called home for so many years? Will either team be fighting for a playoff position? Who will be playing quarterback for the Jets, or Bills? These are just a few questions about this juicy AFC East Match.

Week 13: Packers @ Lions

Aaron Rodgers has not been able to lead the Packers to the Super Bowl since the 2010 season. If the Packers don’t lose any other big names to injury, they should win their division. However, Matthew Stafford and the Lions might just have other plans this year. If the Lions don’t underachieve again, this game could decide the NFC North.

Week 14: Vikings @ Cardinals

Two of the most underrated teams in the NFC square up in a crucial late season matchup. Both teams could be fighting for a wildcard spot, and this game might just be the deciding factor in these teams fate. Will Adrian Peterson have a strong year? Can Carson Palmer stay healthy?

Sunday Night:

Week 2: Seahawks @ Packers

In recent years, every time these teams meet, the game is memorable. The infamous fail mary in 2012 and the NFC Title Game last year immediately come to mind. This game might not be as memorable, but it could be a preview of the NFC Title Game this year. The winner will have the upper hand in home-field for that future game.

Week 6: Patriots @ Colts

Deflate-Gate. A storyline that all football fans are sick of. Well unfortunately this is the deflate-gate game. On the bright side, Tom Brady will be playing in this game against the team that brought up the issue last year in the playoffs. Will Tom get his revenge for the horrible offseason he had to go through?

Week 9: Eagles @ Cowboys

The NFC East is always full of big games with big story lines, and this week 9 showdown is as big as it gets. The two rivals will meet in Jerry World. DeMarco Murray will have a chance to show the Boys that they shouldn’t have let him go. Dallas can prove that their stay atop the division will be for more than a year.

Week 12: Patriots @ Broncos

Two great quarterbacks square up in a crucial AFC Showdown. Both teams will be jockeying for playoff positions, but the bigger headline is that this could be the last time we see Peyton Manning Vs. Tom Brady. A great rivalry that you won’t want to miss.

Week 16: Steelers @ Ravens

Very few rivalries in the NFL can match this week 16 division matchup. One, if not both of these teams are in the playoffs almost every single year. This game could decide the division, making it a must watch in Baltimore.

Monday Night:

Week 3: Chiefs @ Packers

This early MNF showdown showcases two of the oldest and most successful teams the NFL has to offer. Lambeau Field will be rocking as Aaron Rodgers, and the Packers look to start the season with a resounding win at home. The Chiefs defense might have other ideas.

Week 6: Giants @ Eagles

Two teams that have battled for first place in the division meet in this week 6 matchup. The Giants have underachieved in the last couple of years, but they might surprise some people this year. The Eagles look fully capable of winning the NFC East, but must win games like these in order to do so.

Week 11: Bills @ Patriots

Rex Ryan Vs. Bill Belichick. These coaches never fail to entertain when they matchup. If the Bills poise a serious threat to the defending champs this year, winning this game could have serious implications in the division title race.

Week 12: Ravens @ Browns

I can’t stand the constant Johnny Manziel coverage on ESPN. However, whenever he plays, I always watch. I would say there is a pretty good chance he is playing in this game. If he is not playing though, the Ravens still might struggle to win in the Dawg Pound.

Week 16: Bengals @ Broncos

In the last MNF matchup of the year, the Bengals head to the Mile High City. This could be the last time we hear Jon Gruden break down Peyton Manning on Monday Night. This game will have playoff implications, and it will be a high scoring, fast paced game.

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