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EA Sports FIFA 16 Simulation – Bundesliga

ISH has no relationship or sponsorship with the EA Sports franchise nor the FIFA 16 game itself. The game was purchased independently by our writer, Noah Ziegler.

One of the biggest game series to hit the stores is FIFA. You may have read the article about my simulation of the Barclays Premier League using FIFA 16, but today I’m going East to the country of Germany.

The Bundesliga, the top division of soccer in Germany, has been making a rise in popularity over the years. Its recent TV deal with Fox Sports makes it easier for Americans to not only be introduced to a league other than the BPL, but to become supporters of teams in Germany and followers of the league.

Today, I will simulate an entire season of the Bundesliga and record the results. The team I will be “using” (as in the team I chose so I can actually simulate the season) is FC Augsburg. At the end of the Bundesliga season in real life, I will compare the results to see how realistic FIFA 16 is.


  • European competitions on.
  • No first Summer transfer window but have downloaded the latest squads.
  • Financial strictness is at moderate (75%).
  • Declined any preseason tournaments.
  • Each half will be 20 minutes.
  • The difficulty is World Class (I won’t be playing anyways, so these don’t really matter).

I will simulate to January 1st, then until the end of the season.

Let’s see how the season went!

January results:

Top Five:

  1. FC Bayern Munich – Points: 47, GD: +34
  2. 1899 Hoffenheim – Points: 32, GD: +12
  3. FC Schalke 04 – Points: 32, GD: +5
  4. Hamburger SV – Points: 30, GD: +1
  5. Bayer Leverkusen – Points: 29, GD: +10

I’m not surprised that Bayern are winning by 15 points, but Hoffenheim in second? Did not see that coming. I expected Dortmund, who sit in 6th, to be in second. Schalke in third was where I predicted them to be. Hamburger SV in fourth is another shock, but Leverkusen in 5th (and 3 points behind 2nd) doesn’t surprise me. Monchengladbach sit in 7th and Wolfsburg in 9th.

Bottom Four:

15. Hertha BSC  – Points: 16, GD: -9

16. FC Ingolstadt-  Points: 11, GD: -17

17. FC Koln (FC Cologne) – Points: 7, GD: -17

18.  SV Darmstadt – Points: 7, GD: -18

No surprises here. Hertha BSC maybe should be higher, but again I’m not really shocked. The 4 point gap between the relegation playoff spot and last place will lead to an interesting outcome. Not to mention, the goal difference in the bottom three is extremely tight.


Top Scorers: 

1.  Thomas Muller (FC Bayern Munich) – 13 goals

2. Ivica Olic (Hamburger SV) – 10 goals

3. Hakan Calhanoglu (Bayer Leverkusen) – 8 goals

4. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Borussia Dortmund) – 7 goals

5. Anthony Ujah (Werder Bremen) – 7 goals

Thomas Muller leading the way for the top scorer isn’t shocking to me. Ivica Olic having 10 goals so far seems to be a key reason why Hamburger are in fourth. In third, the man who has a really cool name (if you can pronounce it.. I’m still working on it) and a bright future has 8 goals.

It seems like Bayern Munich are running away with the title (as they seem to do a lot recently), but the race for the European spots is heating up. Also, the relegation fight could end in some close results. Let’s see what the final results are.

I will not be making any January transfers. However, other teams will, and just like in real life we can’t control who teams buy.

Final Results:

Top Five:

  1. FC Bayern Munich – Points: 87, GD: +61
  2. Borussia Dortmund – Points: 72, GD: +38
  3. FC Schalke 04 – Points: 63, GD: +10
  4. Bayer Leverkusen – Points: 61, GD: +25
  5. Burssia Monchengladbach – Points: 54, GD: +15

Okay, now that’s what I expected. Bayern won the league by 15 points, the same margin that they were ahead in the January results. Dortmund come comfortably in second, while Schalke and Leverkusen seemed to have had a close battle for third. Monchengladbach then Wolfsburg round out the top 6.

Bottom Four:

15. FSV Mainz 05  – Points: 29, GD: -20

16. FC Koln-  Points: 24, GD: -26

17. FC Ingolstadt – Points:24, GD: -28

18.  SV Darmstadt – Points: 13, GD: -42

Well, Darmstadt didn’t have the best of years. Ingolstadt, who were lying in the relegation playoff spot, fell one spot into the automatic relegation zone. FC Koln will have to go through a two-legged tie to see if they remain in the Bundesliga. Hertha, who were only 15th in January, rose up to 13th and were 17 points above the relegation playoff spot.

Top Scorers: 

1.  Thomas Muller (FC Bayern Munich) – 25 goals

2. Ivica Olic (Hamburger SV) – 17 goals

3. Stefan Kiesling (Bayer Leverkusen) – 16 goals

4. Anthony Ujah (Werder Bremen) – 15 goals

5. Max Kruse (Wolfsburg) – 14 goals

No changes in the top 2 spots for highest goal scorer. Thomas Muller wins the golden boot with 25 goals. However, two new names pop up in the top 5 goal scorers list. Kiesling, who usually in real life hovers at the top of the list, gets 16 goals. Anthony Ujah moved up one spot from the January results, and Max Kruse took the fifth place spot.

Deutscher Pokal Final: Hamburg 0-1 Borussia Dortmund

Europa League Final: Manchester United 2-1 Lazio

Champions League Final: FC Barcelona 0-2 FC Bayern Munich

Promotion Match: Red Bull Leipzig 4-2 FC Koln

Well, according to FIFA, Bayern will run away with the league title. Dortmund will win the Deutscher Pokal, Manchester United will finish third in their Champions League group but win the Europa League, Bayern will defeat Barcelona in the Champions League final (which I would LOVE to see happen in real life), and the team everyone loves to hate Red Bull Leipzig will be promoted at the hands of FC Koln.

I will do simulations of other leagues such as the Serie A, Liga BBVA, and Ligue 1.

Want to comment on your career mode in FIFA 16? Want to discuss FIFA 16 in general? Even dare to challenge me to a game? Comment below or tweet me @NoahZiegler.



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