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Rising Stars for The Future Of Serie A

Serie A is a league underappreciated due to the great talent in La Liga and the English Premier League, but many great young players start their paths to success in the Serie A. This year, many players have begun to prove themselves to be some of the best players in the Italian League in the years to come. Here are five players that will evolve into superstars over the next couple of years in the Serie A.

Paulo Dybala- 22 years old. Forward for Juventus F.C.


Paulo Dybala with Juventus has earned himself the starting forward spot next to Alvaro Morata this year. So far, he has scored six times with two assists and an outstanding 7.26 match rating. Dybala is an extremely quick and crafty player having success being able to receive the ball, hold it up, and either create a play with a pass or off the dribble. Being a rather small player, he has not been able to sustain himself as an aerial threat, but his success with corner and free kick set-pieces makes up for it. Several former players have labeled Dybala as the next Messi for the Serie A as both of them have similar playing styles, and his potential is limitless for his age. He might not be as good as Messi, but a 18 goal 8 assist stat sheet for the year is what it is looking like for this year. Expect even better for the years to come.

Gianluigi Donnarumma: 16 years old. Goalkeeper for A.C. Milan

A.C. Milan have fallen off the map in recent years after the departure of key players such as Alexandre Pato, Ronaldinho, and Kaka. This year they have put themselves back in the running for the Scudetto and Champions League for next year. Since he has taken over as the starting goalie, the past six matches, Milan has picked up 13 of the possible 18 points while only conceding only 5 goals. Donnarumma has tremendous concentration and reflexes and does a spectacular job at saving close-range shots. With so much promise at 16 years old, many people pose him to be the next Buffon. He’s only 16 years old, which means he has plenty of time to gain that type of reputation. As long as he stays loyal to Milan, they will be at the top of the table for many years to come.

M’Baye Niang: 20 years old. Forward for A.C. Milan

After being on loan from Milan for the past two or three years and the injury to Balotelli, Niang finally gets his opportunity to prove himself after being so greatly wanted from the EPL the years before and having issues with the law last year. Niang has only played three games but has produced two goals and an assist with a 7.44 match rating. Niang is a prolific dribbler and crosser showing his versatility to play wing or striker. He loves to cross the ball across or use his dribbling skills to beat defenders and create his own shot. With Balotelli out for a significant amount of time, Niang will get to prove himself throughout the rest of the year to officially take Balotelli’s spot in the starting lineup. If not, Niang could move clubs to another Italian Club or to England. If he is able to sustain himself in the starting lineup, expect him to be the centerpiece in the Milan attack.

Domenico Berardi: 21 years old. Forward/Winger for Sassuolo

Sassuolo find themselves back near the top of the table with the help from the young Italian, Domenico Berardi. Berardi has not been as great as he was last year when he totaled 18 goals and 10 assists, but so far he has 2 goals 2 assists with a 6.79 match rating. Berardi struggles to pass consistently and hold up the ball but makes up for it with his skill to switch the point of attack with a long ball and finish superbly. Also, he has proven to show great success on set-pieces, but his struggles to stay out of the book lately with 4 yellows and a red in 10 appearances has stagnated his improvement. Even with his discipline issues, he is still greatly wanted by the big clubs in Italy including Juventus which looks to be his most likely destination sometime in the next two seasons. Working with Dybala, Morata, and former teammate Simone Zaza, he might not put up an ample amount of goals and assists but his presence on the field will give Juventus more options to work with on the attack.

Mauro Icardi: 22 years old. Striker for Interazionale

At 22 years old, Icardi has already gained the role of the main scorer for Interazionale who are first in the Serie A. He has produced four goals and an assist so far this year with a 6.90 match rating. He has been known for his spectacular finishing skills after finishing with 22 goals last year in Serie A. However, he struggles to pass well and does not have a great work rate defensively. After a couple of more years to mature on Interazionale he will be known as one of the most prolific strikers in the Italian League.

There are plenty more young players that were not augmented to his list that could be fantastic in the Serie A. However, look for these five players above to make a significant impact in the Serie A over the next couple years.



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