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We Interviewed The LA Rams’ Leading Rusher, That Field Runner Guy


On Monday Night Football’s Week 1 doubleheader, the LA Rams played their first game as LA’s team since the 1994 season. Their debut was one to be forgotten. They were shut out, 28-0, in front of San Francisco’s crowd at Levi Stadium in what is ought to be one of the most boring games of the season.

The Rams recorded just 10 first downs and 10 punts. They averaged 3 yard per play, and went 3-15 on third down conversions. They ran the ball 23 times for a despicable 42 yards. Case Keenum, the placeholder for number one overall pick Jared Goff (who didn’t dress), recorded a QBR of 5.0.

This was a bad game for the Rams, and even worse for fans who paid money (or time) to watch this snooze fest. The most exciting part was that Blaine Gabbert didn’t play like crap, and that we even got to see our old friend and now activist Colin Kaepernick play in the last two minutes of the game.

In many ways, William Navarette, the field runner from Monday night with his shirt off and his phone number plastered on his chest, was the most exciting part of this game. Even the announcers had fun with it – you must listen to a familiar NBA voice, Kevin Harlan, call this play. It was truly amazing.

We interviewed William the runner to hear his take on the whole ordeal.

Hey William, thanks for taking the time to do this. We wanted to reach out to you because we don’t see many field runners or streakers these days, especially with stricter security measures at big events in this day and age. Can you run us through your thought process before you ran on to the field?

“Yeah so I was sitting down in the front row, and when I saw the event staff turn his head, I went through and hopped the gate and the moment I put my foot over the gate I felt such a rush. When I fell down, I started to hear the cheering. I heard the cheering, I wasn’t even nervous though, it was just fun. I tried to wave to my dad in the stands, but he probably didn’t see me. I blew a kiss at one of the Rams, I tried to high five one of the Niners but they didn’t do nothin.”


Yeah, I was going to ask if any of the players interacted with you on the field?

“I wish.”

Describe your feeling when you finally got on to the field and saw the giant crowd roar?

“After I ran probably ten yards and started to hear the crowd around me, that’s when I felt like all eyes were on me, and then after that I just didn’t care about the noise. It was just in the background, I didn’t even think about it.”

Were the security guys rough with you or was it pretty casual and relaxed?

When the security guards got to me they didn’t say anything, but the cop, he said “you’re f**king stupid, you know your going to jail, right?”. I didn’t go to jail because I am still a minor. I’m only sixteen. Apparently to him I was resisting, even though I wasn’t. I was making sure I wasn’t resisting, and he was like, “stop resisting, or your going to get tased,” but yeah that cop was kind of mean.

The cop on the right was the meanie.
The cop on the right was the meanie, I was told.

Were police involved, or were you just detained and then kicked out of the stadium?

“Yeah I was detained, my dad came, they told him to come get me. I think i’m going to have a court date that will come in the mail, but that’s it, and a judge will decide, but probably no jail, just community service.”

What did your parents have to say about this ordeal?

“My dad, I thought he was going to be mad but he was actually like, “wow, you’ve got some balls.” I was surprised he said that. And then my mom, since she was watching the game at home, when she saw me on TV, she was going crazy, my sister had to calm her down. After I called her and told her how fun it was, she calmed down a little bit, and she agreed that it was funny. It was too funny for them to ground me.”

“My dad, I thought he was going to be mad but he was actually like, “wow, you’ve got some balls.”

How does it feel to be the unofficial leading rusher for the Los Angeles Rams?

“Haha, it feels really good. I read somewhere that I penetrated the Niners defense better than the Rams.”

I mean, you did.

“ Yeah, I know.”

How did your fantasy team do this week?

“ I don’t got a fantasy team.”

Seriously? Ok…

Can we expect a similar performance next week?

“Of me?! Haha, maybe my friends, they are all hitting me up saying they wanna do it with me. If I do I gotta do it now while Im still a minor, gotta do it while I’m young. because If I do it when I am 18 I go to jail so yeah.”

Great, thanks for your time William.

Oh yeah.”
I wish my parents were as relaxed as his growing up, but hey, it’s California.

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