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About Verse


Verse is the world’s first peer to peer social media, allowing for profiled users to bet against one another on events such as sports, politics, and entertainment news. The platform uses smart contracts on a private blockchain to ensure wager verification, and automatically deposits the winnings to the appropriate user’s in-game Verse Wallet.

Verse cuts out the middle man casinos, who’s constantly shifting odds and shady bonus systems constantly pressure the user to bet in volume. The math is clear that betting casinos sees the user lose the majority of their bets. Casual online betting deserves to exist on a decentralized platform, where users can freely create their own odds and bets. This marketplace of bets allows users to wager with friends as well as users on the system looking for matching bets.

Along with betting other profiles directly on the Verse app, you can create bets on the Verse platform and share them as a link on other social media channels and text formats. Simply create the LinkBet, choose how many users you will allow to accept this bet, and tweet / post it out! Friends and other social media users can click the link and, if they have a Verse account, accept the wager.

Create an account and instantly bet your friends with real money! Click below to enter our beta.


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