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TSL (The Sideline Sports), Formerly known as International Sports Hub, is a website for the average reader to go out and explore each main sports category in depth, with interesting and attention grabbing articles- things that the reader actually wants to read. TSL is an international website, with writers from Houston, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Seattle, Richmond, Ann Arbor, Hebron, Warrenton, Washington DC, Columbus, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Orlando, London, and formerly Australia. We have recorded views from 126 different countries on every populated continent. TSL has been mentioned in reputable news outlets such as The Charlotte Observer and FanSided blog Look at a map of all TSL writers and contributors from across the world here.

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Our style is informative, but from the viewpoint of the common fan.

We’re not analysts, we’re not reporters, but we know sports and we know how to share it.

We hope to give our viewers the best source of entertaining sports news and opinions. Thank you for reading our website. Here is a list of some our best work.

We did case studies on what makes an NBA draft prospect boom or bust.

We created formulas that determine the most athletic players from breaking down NFL Draft Combine results that we used to predict which diamonds in the rough would shine through as rookies. David Johnson was our second rated running back before his breakout rookie season even happened.


We tackled major issues of how athletes perceive money when they make contract decisions, and how fantasy sports have begun to ruin the sports of reality in the minds of the fans.


We interviewed D1 NCAAB head coaches, provided solutions to the NBA’s tanking problems, explained how the ‘One and Done’ phenom is dying, did multi round mock drafts, and analyzed Nike sales numbers in the footwear industry.


Our co-founder created a formula that predicted a 98.9% correct NCAA March Madness bracket, and our local paper, the Charlotte Observer, deemed it so legitimate that they wrote a story about him.


We have written about how to gauge contracts in today’s NBA by comparing their numbers, based off percentage of the cap, to last year’s cap, allowing fans and executives alike to have a better understanding of what type of value they are getting for their money.


We have written about how the point guard position is changing forever with our current crop of stars like Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook, and that the NBA’s offense is run differently now.


We wrote how Kobe’s retirement ends the volume shooter era, about how crucial the D-League is for the future of the NBA, and how an NBA and FIBA marriage is crucial for globalizing the game.


We have used our writer’s experience playing rugby in London to break down how rugby players, like Jarryd Hayne, can succeed in the NFL if they want to, and I used my life experience living in London to make a claim as to why the city deserves a permanent NFL team.



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TSL Staff

Daniel Zimmermann – Founder / Editor In Chief – My name is Daniel Zimmermann. I am a student at Syracuse University, majoring in Sports Management and minoring in Sports Analytics. I attended the American School in London, in London, UK, for high school. I was born in Houston and lived in Oklahoma City for some time before moving to Charlotte. During my six years, aged 9-15, in Charlotte I learned to love the Bobcats and the NBA more than anything. I cover the NBA, NFL, and a little bit of everything else. Follow me on Twitter (@danzimm_sideline).

Hank Stichter – Deputy Editor in Chief: Hi, my name is Hank Stichter. I am from Charlotte, North Carolina and I am a sports fanatic! I will mainly be writing about collegiate basketball and football but also will feature NBA and NFL posts. My favorite teams are the Carolina Panthers, San Diego Chargers, Charlotte Bobcats, Golden State Warriors, and really just any team from the great state of Ohio (except I do cheer for the Browns over the Bengals). My favorite sport is college basketball but love most sports and I also love sharing my opinions and analysis with all of you!

Adam Leightman – Hello my name is Adam Leightman. Born and raised in Houston, Texas I am an avid Texans, Rockets, Dynamo, and unfortunately an Astros fan. After the 2010 World Cup I continued to follow soccer and now love Chelsea FC and the USA Mens National Team. I will cover the NFL and all things soccer.

Mark Shutley –  My name is Mark Shutley, I grew up in Charlotte and I currently live in Atlanta. I like playing and watching sports, and am really interested in basketball and football.

Korey Burdman – My name is Korey Burdman. I am from Youngstown, OH, and am currently a student at the University of Michigan. I am a die-hard fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Browns, and am also a Cleveland Indians fan. I have been incredibly passionate about Michigan football and basketball my whole life, and that passion has grown since I committed to attend school there. I will be covering the NBA with a Cavaliers focus, and Big Ten football and basketball. Feel free to email me ( with any comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions. Go Blue!

Mike Anders -I was born in Queens, New York and bleed Syracuse Orange. I am an aspiring sports management student and I am an intern for the VCU Rams. Follow me on twitter @michaelreid_

Zach Washburn –  My name is Zach Washburn. I live in Richmond, Virginia, and my life revolves around sports. My favorite teams are the Chicago Bears, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings, Baltimore Orioles, and Juventus F.C. I am a huge fan of the NBA, NFL, MLB, European and American soccer, and am getting more into NHL. I always want to share my analysis until I have won the argument.

Grant Thomas –  17 year old Washington sports fan. I’ll write mostly about the Nationals, Wizards, and Redskins. Its been a lot more enjoyable since just one of the teams has been terrible! Most of my articles not about Washington teams will analyze and grade the biggest moves in the MLB, NBA, and NFL. I hope you enjoy reading!

Noah Ziegler – My name is Noah Ziegler and I am a junior at St. Henry High School in Edgewood, Kentucky (15 minutes from Cincinnati). I proudly wake up early on Saturdays to watch sports all day. I am a huge supporter of Chelsea FC, but my college teams are Boise State, Duke, and Cincinnati. However, I have begun to pay attention to colleges I may attend such as James Madison, Ohio University, and UNC. My favorite professional teams include the Washington Wizards, Redskins, Nationals, DC United, and the Anaheim Ducks. Although I like odd teams/sports considering where I am from, my passion is to write about sports and have people read about them. Follow me on Twitter @NoahZiegler for my opinions on all sports. If any questions regarding my articles, email me at

Tyler Musialowski – I am a displaced Buffalo sports fan currently residing outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Most of my time is spent watching baseball, football, and college basketball, however English soccer is slowly working its way onto my list since I started following it after the World Cup. My goal is to provide an unbiased article on any topic, team, or athlete that I write about.

Ella Brockway – My name is Ella Brockway and I live in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, about an hour outside of New York City. I’ve loved writing about sports ever since I gave up my dreams of being the first female shortstop for the Yankees after realizing that no one could ever replace Derek Jeter. I’m an avid fan of all sports, but particularly the MLB, college basketball and the Premier League. I’m also a huge fan of the North Carolina Tar Heels and Manchester United, and am proud to be one of the few Boston Celtics fans in the New York area. Find me on Twitter at @ellabrockway, and I’m looking forward to writing for ISH.

Sean Bock – My name is Sean Bock. I am a junior in high school and live 15 minutes from Chicago. I’ve been a big Chicago White Sox and Indiana Men’s basketball fan my whole life. I also root for the Chicago Bears and Bulls. My favorite sports to follow are the MLB and NCAA basketball. Follow me on twitter at @Sean_Bock_4.

Noah Kutner – My name is Noah Kutner, I’m from Chapel Hill, NC and attending Elon University. I became interested in writing about sports when I realized I had no athletic ability to play them. I’m a big fan of college sports, specifically Ole Miss and UNC football, plus UNC basketball; as well as the NFL. I’ll be covering a bit of everything but I really enjoy writing about the underlining story’s surrounding teams and players.

Aiden Berg – Hi my name is Aidan Berg and I live in Minneapolis, MN. I played all types of sports from a young age, but quickly realized I don’t have the gifts necessary to play professionally and figured I better write about them instead. Even though I currently reside in the Midwest my heart is with the Boston teams as I am a huge fan of the Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots. I specifically love writing about basketball and football and you can follow me on Twitter at @aberg555.

Alex Floch  – I am currently a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in Sports Administration. I have had a passion for sports since I could walk and as my ultimate dream of being a professional player sadly (yet realistically) is coming to a close, I aspire to hopefully one day be the general manager of a professional team.

Evan Kolin – Hello, my name is Evan Kolin. I am 16 years old and a high school junior at the International Academy in Bloomfield Hills, MI. I’ve loved sports all my life, and have been lucky enough to attend the MLB as well as NBA All-Star Games, World Series, Super Bowl, and this upcoming Final Four. My favorite leagues to follow are the NBA, MLB, NFL, as well as College Football/Basketball. My favorite teams are the New York Yankees (I lived in Connecticut until I was 10) along with the Detroit Pistons, Detroit Lions, and the University of Michigan. Follow me on Twitter @ekyankees, and I hope you enjoy my articles for The Sideline Sports.

Past and Present Contributors 

Max Marcovitch –  Atlanta, Georgia / Anne Arbor, Michigan

Josh Eastern – Seattle, Washington / Bloomington, Indiana

Jamey Vinnick – Seattle, Washington

Josh Nooromid – Atlanta, Georgia

Jacob Levinson – Washington DC

Mike Ziegler -Louisville, Kentucky

David Rosenthal – Orlando, Florida

Josh Russell –  Columbus, Ohio

Brian Duricy –  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mitchell Koch – Athens, Georgia


Graphic design, infographics, and main logo design courtesy of the talented Noah Hammerman. Check him out at

Previous Main Logo designing from the very talented and up and coming graphic designer Phil Kruzan Jr. Check him out at .

All images are taken from other sites and cited where the writer received the image. TSL does not own any of the images posted in the articles.



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